Simple and Effective Exercises You Can Do at Home for Fitness

Home Training can be fun, effective and rewarding

There are plenty of reasons people choose not to join a gym. Gym memberships are expensive, and many gyms are unforgiving about changing contracts once you have signed up if you change your mind.

Gyms can be crowded, and some people do not like having to exercise in public.

When the weather is bad it can be a real deterrent to leaving the house to get to the gym.

Working out at home is private, available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and best of all, totally free.

Here are cool and simple exercises you can do at home to tone muscles, lose weight and get fit for life, all at home.

The Absolute Basics


There are only two exercises you need to know to get a really effective workout at home, and you probably already know how to do them. Those are jumping jacks and pushups.

Jumping jacks are a great aerobic workout, incorporating your whole body and getting your heart rate up fast.

Pushups are fantastic for muscle training, and work every major muscle group at once when done properly.

Circuit training, also known as interval training, does not require a class or special facility as some gyms make it sound. Circuit training is very simple. It is designed to optimize your workout by incorporating weight training with aerobic activity.

First you get your heart rate up with aerobic activity, then you alternate thirty seconds to one minute of weight training to an equal time of aerobic activity.

By keeping your heart rate up while doing weight training, you can make your whole work out aerobic exercise. This is very effective and will get you in shape fast.

Set a timer to go off every thirty seconds or one minute so you know when to switch from jumping jacks to push ups. Transition quickly so your heart rate does not drop too far, and really make those jumping jacks count.

Extra Equipment

If you like to shake things up by including other equipment in your workout, there are plenty of simple items you can get to use at home.

If you want to use  dumbbells, start out with one set at a moderate weight, something you can lift with only slight strain.

Doing several repetitions with these dumbbells will make up for them not being very difficult to lift, and repeated repetitions are better for muscle building than only a few lifts of something very heavy.

Do not bother buying more dumbbells until you need a heavier weight.

A jump rope is very affordable, fun, and excellent aerobic activity.

A medicine ball is handy, but can be replaced by your dumbbells for many exercises if you want dumbbells. Inflatable exercise balls can also be a lot of fun and have a lot of uses to help keep your routine different from day to day.

Elastic bands are another useful item that can be used for a lot of different exercises.

Do not forget work out videos, which can be a lot of fun, and will help motivate you to work out for a whole half hour or hour.

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