L-Arginine Benefits | Health Benefits of L-Arginine

L-Arginine is a amino acid synthesized in the body showing several health benefits ranging from improving body function to treatment of cardiovascular conditions.

L-arginine is an amino acid that is synthesised by the body, but is also present in certain kinds of foods.

For therapeutic purposes however, concentrates are usually given in the form of supplements in order to bring the level of arginine in the body to a desired concentration.

L-Arginine and Health

Arginine has been shown to have significant benefits to the total health and the proper functioning and rejuvenation of the body.  This is because it is implicated in cell division. Because of this, it has been used as a treatment in issues that involve cell division like in the treatment of infertility in men as cell division is necessary for sperm production.

L-Arginine and Healing

Its stimulation off cell division also gives arginine the property to be beneficial in healing situations of trauma, and tissue damage. It stimulates the cells that divide to replace the damaged cells of the tissues or the bones.

L-Arginine and Heart

Arginine is also known for its effects in the dilation of the heart muscles and are being used in the treatment of certain cardiovascular ailments.

L-Arginine and  Growth

It has also been shown to have a positive effect on the stimulation of growth hormones in children. In the early stages of child growth, the body does not produce arginine. The arginine of children is obtained from external dietary sources.

L-Arginine and  Immunity

Arginine has also been shown to have positive effects in the production of T-lymphocytes whose population is usually indicative of the immune status. That is why they are now being tested in research as a means of boosting the immune systems of immune compromised individuals like individuals with aids that have their immune system destroyed.

Scientists are quite sure that we do not yet know all the wonderful benefits of arginine. There is still ongoing research to determine in what areas of medicine and health that arginine can still be used.

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