Golf Strength Training - Weight Training for Golfers - exercises & workouts

Strength Training in Golf is a new breakthrough and golfers who use proven golf weight training exercises and workouts will immensely benefit from this new form of golf training.

To an outsider golf may not be a game that requires lot of physical skill but golfers know how much physical conditioning can play a role in powerful swings and playing a high performance painfree golf game.

In this article I will confine myself to the best strength training tips for golfers. Golf specific skills-training is beyond this website but I will tell you about a great golf resource too.

Golf Specific Strength Training

Developing your shoulders and upper extremity for power and training your core for power development and lumbar stabilization will be given key emphasis.

Best Golf Weight Training Exercises

  • Although I highly suggest that you use free weights and machines, many of you might find elastic tubing to be useful too.
  • Since Golf requires strength and because of its repetitive nature needs muscular endurance, its best to train them for high repetitions in the range of 12-15 reps per set.
  • So the aim of Golf Weight Training is to develop overall major muscles and create a muscle balance so crucial in preventing injuries.

In the Off-season training, train with at least exercises 2-3 days a week for 30-45 minutes.

Sample Golf Weight Training Workouts

Shoulder Press - 3 sets of 15,12 and 12 reps

Crunches - 5 sets of as many as possible

Chin Ups and Twisting Crunches while Hanging - 4 sets of as many as possible.

Squats and Hyperextensions - 3 sets of 15,12 and 12 reps - Optionally you can do leg extensions, lunges and single-leg hamstring curls. ReferExercise Database for more.

Biceps Curls and forearm curls - 3 sets of 15,12 and 12 reps; optionally you can do reverse wrist curls and hammer curls

Core Training

Any time you want you can try these exercises with dumbbells or substitute machines.

Add aerobic training 2-3 days a week for aerobic endurance training. Make sure you are well-hydrated all the time.

All these exercises can also be reached from the Exercise database.

In-season Golf Weight Training

During the season your aim is to maintain the strength gained in the off-season program and concentrate on your golf-specific skills development. Recommends

I have found two excellent resources for Golf lovers.

If you are looking for Complete Golf Fitness then check this out.

If you are looking to improve your Golf Swing then check this out.

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