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Why Fitness Testing is crucial for Performance

Fitness Testing should be your first step towards your Exercise Goals. Get Exercise Testing and evaluate your fitness status today and get started on your fitness journey.

These Self-assessment will help you get a clear picture of your current fitness levels and also set a benchmark against which you will evaluate your fitness gains weeks from today.

Since you will be always searching for motivation, your testing results will provide with amazing motivation. Remember nothing succeeds like success and your consistent gains will  keep you motivated and give you a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

You will need to test 4 important areas of fitness.

  1. General Fitness Tests - Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, BMI etc. Here you will also check if you are ready for weight training.
  2. Tests for aerobic or cardiovascular testing
  3. Tests for Muscular Fitness - Push ups and Pull Ups.
  4. Flexibility Testing - Sit and Reach Test.

Apart from General Fitness tests, all other specific fitness tests should be preceded by an easy warm up of at least 3-5 minutes and followed up by 3-5 minutes cool down period.

General Fitness Tests

Resting Heart Rate - Normal is between 60 and 100 beats per minute.

  • Place the tips of your right hand fingers just above your left wrist on its outer aspect. Count for one minute. Its obvious to do this when you are resting and not after a walk or run.

Resting Respiratory Rate - Normal is between 16 and 18 breaths per minute.

  • Simply count the number of times you breathe in one full minute. Make sure you are completely at rest and do not perform this test after a walk or run.

Body Fat Percentage


Body Mass Index


  • Use the  BMI formula to calculate your body mass index.

Aerobic Endurance Testing or Cardiovascular Testing

Here you will use a simple walk-the-mile test. Simply walk for a mile at your best intensity and note it down. Alternatively you can use the one-minute-run test.More Information on Aerobic Testing here.

Muscular Fitness/Strength Testing

You can use Push Ups or pull-ups for upper body strength testing and Free Squats for Lower Body Testing.More information on Strength or Muscular Fitness Testing here.

Flexibility Testing

The Sit and Reach test

NEXT - Once you have evaluated where you stand, its time toUnleash your Exercise Goal. Whether it is a weight loss goal, or muscle gain or aerobic and muscular conditioning you will plan your course now.

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