Muscular Strength Testing - Test your Muscular Strength Now

Testing your Muscle Strength both Maximal Strength test and Muscle Endurance test helps you set fitness goals and later evaluate the effectiveness of your Strength Training Workouts.

In testing muscles you need to perform 2 tests, one for strength and the other for endurance.

Muscle Strength

Muscle Strength is defined as the ability of your muscles to lift a given weight in the shortest amount of time. This usually is a One Repetition Maximum i.e. the maximum amount of weight you can lift for one repetition only.

One Rep Max is written 1RM. You can also calculate 8RM, 10RM etc.

The best exercises for this test are the Bench press and Squats.

Muscular Endurance

Muscular Endurance is the ability of your muscles to resist fatigue and perform repeated contractions against a sub-maximal resistance.

Here you perform similar exercises but using higher repetitions, generally above 15.

Muscular Strength Testing

If you have access to gym or Weight Training Equipments then you can use the One Rep Maximum Calculator.

Muscular Endurance Testing

Using your own body weight you can test endurance with two exercises. Use Push Ups for upper body testing and free squats for lower body testing.

Simply perform as many push ups and squats as possible in One whole minutes {60 seconds }and note it down. You should perform 15 each or else you will be testing muscular endurance which is not your goal in this test.

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