How can Exercise Help Relieve Shoulder Tendonitis


How to Relieve Shoulder Tendonitis with simple exercises

Although exercises may not be the best option when in pain but shoulder exercises can help immensely in rehab from shoulder tendonitis by relieving spasm and making your rotator cuff muscles stronger.

Tendons in the shoulder that have become in flamed from extensive amounts of wear and tear is known as Shoulder Tendonitis. And as you get older you are more likely to experience this type of injury. It is a common injury with those that are over forty, but this inflammation of the rotator cuff tendons does happen to younger age groups.

Tendonitis causes pain.Tendonitis can turn into a very serious problem if it goes ignored. Because of the tenderness of the tendons, every time that you make certain moves with your arms there will be a considerable amount of pain. If you choose to live with the pain and continue your regular activities, you may end up tearing the tendon, and then surgery will be required to repair it.

Simple exercises exist.There are many exercises that can be performed to help alleviate the pain caused by shoulder tendonitis. Many of the exercises can be done at home and do not require any outside physical therapy. Whatever form of exercises and stretching that you choose to use to help with your shoulder tendonitis, it should never cause you any extra pain.

Shoulder flexion exercise.Supine shoulder flexion is an exercise that is performed with you lying flat on your back. Holding a broom stick or bat with both hands and keeping your elbows straight, using the arm that does not have the tendonitis to control all movement, lift your arms above your head. Stretch in this position until it becomes uncomfortable without causing any pain. You should hold this position for ten to fifteen seconds and then repeat.

Wall abduction exercise.Another exercise that you can do is the Standing Wall Abduction stretch. This is fairly simple to do. Face a wall and put your hand flat against it. Begin by walking your arm up the wall as high as you can, having the muscles to stretch but without causing any pain. Hold this position for at least ten seconds and then turn your body away for the wall so the muscles stretch in a different direction. Hold this position for ten seconds as well.

Towel exercise.The Hand Behind the Back exercise requires the use of a towel. With your uninjured arm over your shoulder, drop the towel behind your back. With your hurt arm grab hold of the towel. Raising your uninjured arm above your head, you will be pulling the towel upward, stretching the shoulder muscles in your arm that has the tendonitis. Be sure to keep you upper and lower back straight because leaning forward will take away for the intensity of the stretch. Again hold for ten to fifteen seconds and repeat.

These are a few of many exercises that you can use to help ease the uncomfortable pain associated with shoulder tendonitis. Just a reminder, no stretching or strengthening exercise should cause you additional pain. If you do feel experience more pain, stop doing the exercises immediately and consult your physician. Either you are executing the strengthening exercises wrong, or there may be a more serious injury.

Once you do these exercises, make sure you add resistance as shown in the rotator cuff Exercises or read about the Rotator Cuff Training Guide here.

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