Different Butt Exercises - From Flatty To Batty

by Lilly Cooper
(New York City)

How Do you The Stiff Legged Dead lifts, Leg Presses and cable Glute extensions because i dont know what they are? thank you


How to do Stiff Leg Deadlifts, Leg Presses and Glute/Leg Extensions

Stiff led deadlifts, leg presses, Glute / leg extensions are all exercises that can be used separately or collectively (recommended) for a total lower body work out. They are especially recommended for building and toning the legs and are the number one exercises that you must be considering if you want to build a great butt.

As in the case of lost training regimes, following the correct method is necessary in order that you get the best out of the training.

How to do Stiff leg Deadlifts

• This is good for building and toning the hamstrings and also the butt.
• Have a barbell of suitable weight on the floor in front of you. If you are just a beginner use smaller weights to learn the right form before progressing to bigger weights.
• Standing approximately shoulder width apart, bend over using your lower back and slightly at the knee and grab the bar from above.
• Then lift the weight as you rise from your waist, effectively the force comes from your waist to power the lift and not from your hands.

How to do leg presses

• There are different kinds of leg presses available and the principle is to push against a suitable resistance with the leg.
• There are inclined leg presses at different angles and those that use plates and pulleys.
• Most of the leg press machines will have a section to adjust the weight. Adjust the weight so that it is right for you.
• Then sitting on the bench and keep your back totally against the support and keep it steady.
• Your knees should be bent towards your chest at the beginning of the exercise. Then holding the support at the sides, push against the plates by extending your legs.
• When the legs are completely straight, hold and then slowly release to come back to the starting position.

How to do glute/ Leg extensions

• Glute extensions are a necessary exercise in order to give your butt a lift and to make them firmer.
• Lie flat on a bench with your abs and hips on the on the bench and your legs hanging off the edge from around the knees.
• Using ankle weights or holding dumbbells with between your feet, curl your feet upwards slowly and then bring them back again.
• When you lift the weight, keep it at a level of the bench and not much higher as it can destabilize the movement.
While the glute extension is done from the back, leg extensions are mostly done from the sitting position and on the opposite direction.
• Adjust the required weight and sit on the leg press machine.
• Place your legs under the padded plate, and hold the support at the sides
• Lift the weight by extending your legs until they are straight, hold and then return gradually to the starting position.
• Then repeat.

Hi Lilly

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