Power Training to Build Muscle Power Faster

How to Build Muscle Power

There are those that hit the gym in search of the elusive perfect body. This is not the easiest goal to achieve and those that put in all those countless hours in the gym do deserve some respect for their hard work.

Then, there are those that hit the gym for another reason. Their goal is to build muscle power.

Such a process is not as well known as the common bodybuilding programs so many others follow. As such, it is not always easy to get the most out of a muscle power building session.

However, there is also no reason to assume the steps needed to succeed with building such power are esoteric or difficult to attain.

On the contrary, here are a few simple and easy steps to build muscle power:

1.Perform traditional strength training workouts with heavy weights and low reps. This will enhance overall strength and power quite significantly since the entire goal here is to enhance the muscle's performance capabilities.


Use explosive strength building exercises such as the Olympic Lift and the dumbbell cleans. These not only enhance power but they also aid in the development of explosive power in motion.

Building muscle power should never be just a stagnant pursuit. It should be one that revolves around developing speed and strength in motion..


Make your  workouts short and highly intense. You do not want long, drawn out bodybuilding style workouts because you goal is not aesthetics. Your goal is attaining a particular performance related end result. Again, to attain such a goal you will need short and intense workouts that promote power development.


Use  free weights and free weights alone. Nothing builds muscle power better than free weights.

Hydraulic and bungee systems do not even come remotely close to delivering on this end result. Don't fall into the common trap of using gimmick oriented power and strength enhancement products. They simply will not deliver on expected results.


Employ advanced strength training programs like  pyramid increases and pyramid drops. Such exercises entail either increasing or decreasing weight per set.

(You would also decrease the amount of reps you perform as you increase the weight) Such weight training exercises do a lot in terms of boosting strength levels tremendously.


Eat a diet that is appropriate to build muscle power. You definitely would not want to be on a calorie restricted diet and you equally would want to avoid eating too much fat.

The proper mix of carbs and protein is a must when you want to build muscle power.

6. Don't overdo it. Sure, it may seem like a great idea to hit the gym hard and often but the reality of the matter is that overdoing in the gym will decrease muscle strength. It will not improve it.

Plus, you run the risk of an injury when you go overboard in the gym.

These tips may seem simple and that might be considered somewhat correct. There are no mysterious solutions to building muscle power. Instead, there is a basic common sense approach to the process intended to deliver results.

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