How to Get a Good Aerobic Workout At Home

Yes. You can do effective aerobic exercises at home

You may think the only way to get a good aerobic workout is to go to the gym or join a class. That is simply wrong.

If you think that way then chances are that you are not working out. Maybe you can't afford the gym or you are embarrassed to go to a class and workout in front of others.

Whatever the case, don't let your health suffer because you think you can't get an aerobic workout at home.

You can get an amazing cardio workout in your own home and you don't have to spend a dime if you don't want to.

Free Aerobic Workout Options


Most people don't want to spend a lot of money on exercise equipment. Obviously, if you spend a couple thousand dollars to outfit your home with gym equipment you know how to get an aerobic workout at home.

However, most people don't have that option. They may be limited by space or not have the money to buy expensive equipment. The good news is you don't need any equipment to get an aerobic workout.

Simple, old school aerobic moves can help you get your heart rate up and sweat pouring. All you need is a timer or clock and your own body.

Do simple moves like side steps, marching in place or knee lifts.

For a more intense workout, try jumping jacks and other moves that get both feet off the ground. Alternative moves every minute and continue for thirty minutes total.

Low Aerobic Workout Cost Options


If you are worried about getting bored, then you may want to mix things up by trying out DVDs. You can usually find DVDs for about $10 that allow you to try different workouts, like dancing, kickboxing and step aerobics.

If you buy a few different DVDs, you can mix up your workout and do something every day.

Simple Aerobic Workout Options


If you need something that is simple and easy on your body then why not start a walking workout? Walking can be a great aerobic workout. You just need to challenge yourself.

Try varying the pace at which you walk. Plan your walk route with hills and areas that are not just flat. A great idea to ensure you keep up a fast pace is to make a mix of music on your MP3 player with upbeat tempos. Just match your footsteps to the beat of the music to keep you on pace.

Another super simple way to get some aerobic activity in at home is to dance. If you love music, just turn it on and dance anyway. You can easily spend a half an hour dancing to your favourite tunes without even feeling like you were working out. It is fun and something the whole family can do.

Getting an aerobic workout is easy once you understand you don't need a gym or any special equipment. Remember that aerobic exercise is just any movement that gets your heart rate up. As long as you are breathing heavy, breaking a sweat and feel your heart pumping good, you should be getting a good aerobic workout.

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