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Weight Training Tips for Golfers

If there was one sport that no one thinks of when the subject of weight training for performance is mentioned, it would be golf.

The reason for this is that no one sees the image of a golfer as a person with a bodybuilder physique. Be that as it may, the fact of the matter is that golfers would greatly benefit from putting quite a bit of time in the gym hitting the weights.

No, they would not be duplicating a traditional body builder workout. This would not be the appropriate approach to take.

However, there are strength and conditioning exercises that can be employed in order to boost success on the green.

While the following list of golf tips is far from comprehensive, it does cover quite a few major points that might prove helpful to those hoping to boost their potential to succeed on the green and succeed to a great extent:

  • Do not try to lift very heavy amounts of weight because this will undermine your cause. In essence, if you become too bulked up you will find it fairly difficult to navigate the green in the manner you wish. Too much bulk and golf do not gel well together at all.
  • Put a great deal of effort into training your forearms. The forearms are vital for the ability to swing with strength. Often overlooked in most workout programs, serious golfers are certainly well advised not to make such oversights. Instead, it would be a much better plan to put in the proper effort to make sure your forearms are properly and highly developed.
  • Leg extension exercises are also advised. The legs help drive the swing of the club and when you develop enhanced strength in your swing you will find the ball travels a lot farther with a lot less effort. Again, along with the forearms, training the upper quads is a must for success in golf.
  • It does not hurt to perform explosive weight training exercises. This may seem a little odd for golfing since it is not a sport known for contact. However, you do need to explode into the swing and explosive weight training exercises can help facilitate this.
  • Work with a qualified personal trainer that understands the goals needed by golfer. Weight training for golf must revolve around performance considerations. It is not intended to promote aesthetic looks. There are targeted goals a golfer will wish to attain and a reliable personal trainer/strength conditioning coach will be able to deliver on such needs.
  • Integrate kettlebell and bodyweight exercises into your overall program. They will work wonders in terms of their ability to boost functional strength as it relates to the game of golf.

Again, it would never be a wise idea to overlook weight training if you are a golfer. Those that make such an oversight may regret their decision. Simply put, weight training can enhance your potential to succeed with the game of golf more than anything else besides a lot of practice.

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