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How to Use Weight Training to Develop Speed

Myths abound concerning the process of weight training. To many, weight training is solely about packing on large amounts of muscle mass to one's frame.

To others, weight training is the process of getting defined and ripped.

Here is some news: while both of these focuses are surely the most popular forms of weight training, there are various other focuses that can be employed in a weight training workout.

Real goal of Weight Training for speed

Muscular endurance and strength enhancement would be examples of these other focuses. Then, there is a goal to weight training that is frequently overlooked.

Yes, you can enhance your speed through weight training workouts. And no, this type of weight training is not esoteric nor is it difficult to take part in. For those curious how to go about using weight training to develop speed, here is a brief examination of the topic:

The most basic and simplest of weight training programs to develop speed would be to integrate Olympic lifting into your workout sessions.

Anyone that wished to enhance power and speed need to perform Olympic lifts because they are the absolute best barbell exercises for those hoping to increase speed as it related to athletic performance.

Olympic Lifting

The concept of an Olympic Lift is a rather cut and dried one.

You snatch a barbell into position as you perform a clean and jerk. Some might add the power clean and the power snatch to this process to make it a little easier.

The key here is that you want to raise that barbell over your head in a dynamic manner. This will boost the odds that your muscle fibers become more used to explosive and dynamic movement.

The end result of this would be muscles that perform much faster when the time comes to use the muscles in athletic (or even everyday) performance. You never know when explosive speed is required and an Olympic Lift can definitely help develop that much needed speed and explosive movement.

Reps and Weights

Performing three repetitions with a long break in between each rep twice a week would be a wise starting point. You never want to overdo it with Olympic Lifts since that would lead to an injury risk.

You also do not need to pack on a lot of weight onto the barbell. Many people look at the actual Olympics for examples of this type of lifting.

Such competitions are all about packing on tons of weight on the bar. This is not necessary when you are seeking to boost your own strength and speed levels.

Starting out with light weight is recommended. Results will still be experienced since the Olympic Lift is a tremendous exercise for speed enhancement.

Of course, you do not want the Olympic Lift to be the only exercise you perform. It is necessary to invest four days a week for traditional one hour strength training sessions.

Adding the Olympic Lift into two of these workouts would boost speed tremendously.

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