Weight Training for Boxing | Strength Training for Boxers

Why is Weight Training essential for Boxing

Many people truly wish they could develop the physique boxers possess. The strong, lean, and cut look is certainly and appealing one to possess.

But, beyond the mere looks of such a cut physique, there are functional benefits to developing the boxer's look.

Namely, performance potential is enhanced dramatically through weight training programs designed specifically for boxers. Weight training for boxing is not about aesthetic appearances.

It is about complete and total functional performance.

As such, those wishing to take part in a quality weight training program for boxing should familiarize themselves with how the process works.

Here is a brief overview of getting the most out of weight training for boxing.

Contrary to popular belief, a boxing weight training regiment is not limited to the arms.

Boxing is not the art of arm strength. It is about strength in the entire body.

In particular, you need to develop strength in the legs and in the core muscles. All of these muscle groups will be tied into the boxer's performance.

This is why a comprehensive weight training program designed specifically for boxing could prove to be helpful. An appropriately tailored program will deliver results. That is a fact.

It is also important to avoid packing on too much mass so that it slowly down mobility.

Too much weight on the frame can undermine footwork. Additionally, you do not want to increase your muscle mass to the point it zones you out of your requisite weight category.

Boxing Weight Training Program

A standard boxing training program would entail performing two days a week of traditional strength weight training.

That means you would perform common compound exercises at moderate amounts of weight.

Best 5 Weight Training Exercises for Boxers


Bench pressessquatsdead liftsmilitary pressesrows, and other prime strength enhancing compound exercises need to be effectively integrated into these two weight training days.

This way, you are packing on decent muscle mass while enhancing strength potential.

Training Frequency and Explosiveness

Two days of the week should also be utilized to perform athletic performance specific exercises. You will find it quite helpful to engage in dumbbell power jumps, power cleans, and dumbbell power cleans.

These exercises and others that fall under the category of explosive movements are a must if you wish to see enhanced athletic performance as a result.

A boxer should never lose sight of the fact that the goal of weight training is to boost performance in the ring. It is never just about developing muscles for show.

Supplementary Weight Training Exercises for Boxing

Supplementary weight training exercises should be performed as well. Daily sessions of bodyweight training for about 20 minutes a day would be a help.

Integrating kettlebell and medicine ball workouts during the week would also be highly recommended.

Combining these various different facets into a single weekly workout program could prove enormously helpful to those hoping to get in fighting shape and condition.

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