How To Use Walking Effectively For Weight Loss

Walking for Weight Loss CAN be an effective strategy provided you do it right. Some of us do a lot of walking; some of us admittedly would rather take the car!

If truth be told though, walking is one of the easiest exercises to get into and it does have amazing results - especially if you apply some of the tips below as you head out for your stroll.

If you use walking effectively you can lose weight and shift the fat for good; great for burning calories, walking is a good all-rounder for your health.

It isn't just the physical benefits either but the effect it can have on your mental health, decreasing stress levels and increasing happiness.

To boost the 30 minute stroll on your fitness regime, take a look at the tips below and apply them as you go. 

1. Pick Up The Pace - Now this might sound rather obvious but worth a mention all the same; pick up your pace and you are instantly turning your walk into a more effective weight loss exercise.

The key is to stick with the same time which may be 20-30 minutes but your distance will increase, meaning more calories are being burnt. Lengthen your stride and walk faster for better results!

2. Time It Right - By this we mean when you should run as opposed to the length of time you are running for (although both are important factors). It is a lesser known fact than our first tip but a solid fact that running before breakfast can help you to burn more calories than if you head out after your first meal of the day.

Is their a big difference you might be asking - figures show that up to 30% more calories can be lost just by timing your run right!

3. Forget Flat & Fat! - Make walking more effective at shifting fat by leaving the flat surfaces behind and heading for the hills. An incline will burn more calories and you will tone up muscles in places you didn't know you had them; the stomach and thighs will certainly get a good workout.

4. Put Arms Into Action; Swinging Your Arm while Walking for weight loss Helps- You must have seen them before; the walkers you called hardcore as they pumped their arms in time with their strides. Well, they don't just do this for the fun of it but are wise to the fact that arms in action can help to shift weight and even help to give a better cardiovascular workout.

If figures is what you are after - an increase of 10-15% calorie loss is not uncommon.

5. Here Is An Unbelievable Tip! - Not many people will know this but taking deeper breaths and controlling your breathing will in effect help you to lose more weight. Sounds odd at first but the more oxygen you take in whilst exercising, the more fat you can burn - the body needs fat to burn oxygen. Get it?

As you can see there is more to walking than just going for a stroll in the park - if you are really serious about losing weight effectively than you can start to pull that weight a bit more by speeding up, walking before breakfast, heading for the hills, pumping those arms and taking long deep breaths - enjoy! 

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