Upper, Lower and Middle Back Workouts, tried and tested

by Viel Mervic

On the day I am doing my workouts for my back, here's what I do.

I always start by doing my stretching exercises to relax the muscles. Before I tell you my workout plan, remember that it's always better to increase the weights and decrease the repetition, rather than maintain the weight and repetition. Okay, now for my workout.

I start by doing 2 exercises for the UPPER BACK, namely the DUMBBELL SHRUGS and the WIDE-CHIN PULL UPS for the trapezius muscles.

Then, 2 exercises for the MIDDLE BACK; in my plan, I do the CLOSED-CHIN PULL-UPS (except your grip should look like you're going to hammer something) and the SEATED DUMMBELL ROWS.

Lastly, for the LOWER BACK, I do 2 exercises (max). They are the BENT-OVER BARBELL ROWS and the HYPEREXTENSION exercises (I can't do heavy deadlifts: doctor recommends me not to).

Well, this is my Back Workout. Try mixing other exercises for optimum performance.

Hi Veil,
Thanks for your workout. Users please use and review Viel's Back Workout. In case you dont know how to do these exercise use the links below.

Chin Ups |
Dumbbell Shrugs
| Barbell Rows |

Thank uou

Hameed S.

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