Total Abs Exercise for a Total Abdominal Workout

by meagan

1. Lie on Flat bench you can do it on the floor that is normally easier for harder use a bench lift your legs up slow and controlled and push once you reach your extent.and bring the legs down and repeat.

2. Floor scissor kicks

3. Decline crunches

4. Knee lifts

More Tips for a Total Abdominal Workout

The Abdominal muscles are one of the most challenging parts of the body to train for both men and women. Many of the people that regularly work out at home or in the gym still have problems in this area. However once you learn the correct form and a few exercises; you can consistently give your abs the work out
necessary to sculpt it to perfection.

There are different routines that can be used to train the Abs. In general, the routines that you choose should include different exercises that target all the different muscle groups in your midsection for effective results. Here is a routine that can give you a total Abs work out;

1. Leg Raises

You can perform this lying on the floor, or on a flat bench. Lie flat on your back, with your feet clasped together and outstretched. Lift your legs straight up as far as possible.

When you reach the end, hold for some seconds then lower your legs slowly down to slightly above the floor. Hold for some seconds and do another repetition.

2. Floor scissor Kicks

As evident in the name, the exercise is done from the floor, or any other flat surface if you so prefer.

Some people place each hand under the buttocks for additional support, but you can simply keep your hands palm down at your sides.

Then keeping legs straight, lift one then on bringing the leg down raise the other one such that the legs are taken up and down in alternating cycles.

3. Decline Crunches

In order to do a decline crunch, you need a decline bench which is an inclined bench that has weights to lock your legs in place.

Start by sitting at the top of the bench, and then lower yourself so you are lying inclined with the bench.

Then putting your hands at the back of your head, lift yourself up and down slowly. You can make this increasingly difficult by hugging a weight on your chest while you do the repetitions.

4. Knee Lifts

Besides training the abdominal muscles, knee lifts are also great for training the quadriceps, the gluteal muscles and the core muscles of the back.

Standing in an easy position, lift one knee as high as possible, lower and repeat.

Most people start with 5 repetitions, but you can go to more repetitions as needed. Then go to the next knee and do the same.

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