Top 10 at Home Workout Tips

Workouts at home have their benefits. You can exercise anytime you want and do so in the privacy of your own home instead of others critiquing your progress. Still, you can and will encounter challenges along the way that will make anybody question their motivation for working out at home.

1. Eat a Light Snack

Take note that the emphasis is on a light snack as you don't want your body to work too hard atburning the calories from a heavy meal. A piece of fruit (100-200 calories) like a banana in the morning before working on your cardio exercises is sufficient for the purpose. Your body will then have fuel for energy, which will also help in the avoidance of fatigue, nausea and dizziness.

2. Drink Water

Water is essential in the maintenance of many bodily functions. Indeed, you can go without food - although we advise against it (see above) when exercising first thing in the morning, but you must drink a glass of water first. With good hydration, you can improve endurance, prevent injuries and promote fat loss, all of which are essential in a healthier, leaner and meaner body.

3. Proper Rhythm for Strength Training

Often, the problem with training at home is that there are no personal trainers to keep count, so to speak. But if you can keep to a rhythm of 4 counts for each rep during astrength training exercise, then you are in a good place. You must also remember to perform supersets when your goal is to build muscles faster.

4. Make Time

Yet another enemy of working out at home is scheduling the time for the exercise sessions. You can easily backslide into your old habits of being a couch potato simply by procrastinating on the program. You should make time for your workouts and if you have to put it into your calendar, then do so.

5. Keep It Simple

When you keep yourworkout program simple, you are less likely to kiss it goodbye. Listen to your body's physical condition and then match it with your fitness goals. Start with the easy program so that you will be motivated with each success to continue with your fitness program. Then, you can build up your workouts from your past successes.

6. Be Balanced

Take note that working out at home or in the gym means striking a balance in all three aspects of a fitness program - cardio, strength and stretching exercises, to be specific. This way, you can achieve a balance between being flexible from stretching and strong from lifting weights as well as possessing endurance from cardio exercises. We suggest a 5-minute warm-up, followed by 15 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of strength training for beginners.

7. Manage Your Stress

Stress plays a significant role in the success of working out at home. For one thing, extreme stress can negate the gains made in becoming leaner and meaner in physique. Studies have shown that stress brought by lack of sleep actually contributes to obesity. For another thing, mental stress can make for slacking off on the exercise program and going back to binge diets.

8. Challenge Yourself

Yes, you can keep your workouts simple at first so that you will be more motivated with your successes. But you must also constantly challenge yourself to do better - faster repetitions, more sets, and more complicated interval training. You will then not have to suffer from the dreaded exercise plateau.

9. Set Goals

Just as much as you want to keep it simple and keep to a schedule, you must also keep to a goal. Be very specific about your goals - weight loss, body toning and six-pack abs, for example. You can then make a progress chart to track your achievements for each goal on a weekly basis.

10. Don't Over-train Either

But don't make the mistake of being so obsessed with your fitness goals that you overlook your body's health. In the end, your body must rule your fitness goals as your body is the very reason why you are working out in the first place. You will then be able to find a balance between what your body can be and cannot be given limitations like genes, age and other uncontrollable factors.

Working out at home will provide for similar benefits as working out at the gym. You just have to make sure that you can actually follow through with the exercises in a safe, effective and healthy manner. Recommends - Workout Without Weights Ebook

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