Swiss Ball Jackknife - Swiss Ball Pikes

What Makes Swiss Ball Jackknives so Effective?

Swiss Ball Jackknife and Swiss Ball Pikes are a total core stability exercise.

They are essentially a combination of push ups and core stability exercise.

Additionally Jackknife is a great alternative to hanging leg raises exercise especially if have a pre-existing problem with your back and cannot do hanging leg raises without discomfort.

You will need a Swiss ball for this exercise and some basic core strength to begin with. I will Include two cool variations for Swiss Ball Jackknife exercise.

Swiss Bass Jack-knife Technique

Step 1: Select a Swiss ball right for your body height and built. Assume a push up position with your hands on the floor and your feet atop the Swiss ball.

You should place your shins on the ball and not the toes. Check the picture for accurate position. Keep your body and core muscles tight and butt firm in the air.


Step 2: Without moving your arms or shoulders, roll the Swiss ball toward your chest area. You do this by pulling the Swiss ball with your feet.

Feel a good burn in your core muscles.

Step 3: Now get the ball back to the starting position by pushing with your feet and bringing the hips down. The ball rolls backwards.

How to add variation to Swiss ball jackknife

You can do this exercise with one leg off the ball. Remember this exercise requires extreme core stability. Not for beginners, but for those who loves challenges.

How many repetitions and sets to do

About 10 reps is a good range but as with other bodyweight exercises, you can do as many as you want.

Swiss Bass Pike Technique

The first step is same like the Swiss Bass Jackknife Technique. The pikes changes from from the second step.

Step 2: With knees straight as they are in the starting position, raise your hips and pull the ball toward your body. You butt goes up in the air.

Step 3: After feeling a good burn in your abs, return the Swiss ball to the starting position by lowering the hips. This brings the ball backwards.

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