How to Perform Sumo Deadlifts with right form

Sumo Deadlifts can be performed with or without High Pull.

Learn how to doSumo Deadlifts exercise with proper technique and form. Variation include, barbells, dumbbell and kettlebell Sumo Deadlift.

Sumo Deadlifts Build Muscle and Strength and is a great Olympic Lift used by power lifters and weight lifters to build amazing strength for deadlifts and squats.

Men and Women both will benefit when done properly.

In This Article You will discover the Sumo Deadlift Secrets

  • How to Do a Deadlift with Proper Form
  • How to do Sumo Deadlift with High Pull
  • How to add Variety to Sumo Deadlifts with Dumbbells and kettlebells

How to Do a Deadlift with Proper Form

Sumo Deadlifts are a little different than conventional or regular ones. They work your legs and hip muscles more than basic ones and that is why they are great alternative to deadlifts for adding variety to your back or leg workout.

Execution Technique

Step 1: Load the barbell with weights and place it close to your shins.

Take a stance twice the shoulder width stance and point your toes out at about 45 degrees. This fact is important and it differentiates sumo from regular deadlifts.

Grab the bar by bending at your hips, knees and keep the back straight. Your hands are placed inside your thighs when you grab the bar. The palms can be overhand or alternate {one hand overhand and the other underhand} and grab the bar at its center about 10-12 inches apart.

Step 2: How to Pull the Barbell

Keeping your eyes looking straight ahead, take a deep breathe and contract your arms, shoulders, back and trapezius muscles. This will create tension in these muscles and help you lift more.

With a straight back, pull the bar using your back muscles and thrust your hips forward and come up to a straight standing position.

Squeeze your butt muscles {glutes} as if you are thrusting your hips forward. Do not hyperextend {over extend your back}.

Step 3: Lower the bar under controlled motion as if you are slowly thrusting the bar into the ground. The negative aspect is very important to build muscle and strength.

How to do Sumo Deadlift with High Pull

As barbell  reaches knees at the end of deadlifts, you should raise your shoulders while keeping barbell close to thighs and make a jump upward extending body. Flex your elbows out to your sides, and pull the bar up to neck height.

How to add Variety to Sumo Deadlifts with Dumbbells and kettlebells

You can also do deadlifts holding blocks, books, dumbbells are kettlebells.

Kettlebell sumo deadlifts are great as you will require one single deadlift and you can even make it harder by placing the kettlebell at a lower surface or standing on two blocks to get a better bottom stretch.

You can also stand on blocks for barbell sumo deadlifts.

Disclaimer - Remember there is "dead" in deadlifts for a reason. If you have any doubt or back problem, please consult your physician for Deadlift approval.

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