Soy Protein Versus Whey Protein to Build Muscle - Which is better & Why

Interested to find out which between Soy Protein & Whey Protein is best to  Build Muscle?

Lets compare them side by side & see which supplement passes the metal test.

Soy Versus Whey - A constant comparison

Not a day goes by I see in my emails and at various forums around online someone keeps asking which between Soy and Whey Protein is the Best Muscle Building Supplement.

This is more so asked by vegetarians who wants to Build Muscle.

But since many of you have been reading about various benefits of soy, other then Bodybuilding, questions are bound to arise and will help you make a better decision.

Whey Protein - Is it the unquestionable winner?

Bodybuilders swear by its name. They call it the best thing ever happened to Bodybuilders and reasons are aplenty. Whey by far is the largest selling Protein powder in the history of Bodybuilding and more improvements like separations of Branch Chain Amino acids are constantly on the rise.

Click Here for a primer on what are Whey Protein Supplements and How they are made & processed.

Soy Protein Supplements

Vegetarians have found in Soy an excellent alternative to poultry and fish products for their Protein requirements. And added to the fact that soy is a complete Protein product, Bodybuilders have also embraced it very well.

Soy has been shown to reduce the likelihood of Heart Diseases by controlling cholesterol.

Lets compare them Side-by-side.

Quality Parameters Whey Protein Soy Protein

Biological Value

Net Protein Utilization

Protein Digested -corrected Amino acid score

Glutamine Content

Branched Cain Amino Acids

Available as







Isolates and Concentrates {Powders, bars}







Isolates and Concentrates {powders, milk}



So In conclusion Whey Protein Supplement is by far a much better choice than Soy Protein. Many Experts believe that Soy has a great future and a cheaper alternative to Whey Supplements.

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