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Reviews of the Best Protein Supplements including Whey, Soy and Egg Protein Supplements. Tips on how to use, where to buy & how to fit supplements in your Diet.

When it comes to Muscle Building and Weight Loss Supplements remember the famous 80/20 rule in Weight Training which says that,

"20% of Supplements will give you 80% of the Results, provided you have a Solid Nutrition Plan in place".

And Whey Protein Supplements fall on the right side of the 80/20 rule.

[Note - This assumes that you have a basic Nutrition plan in place as discussed in  Muscle Building and Weight Training Diet Section. No supplement will work if you ignore your diet. Whey is a great Supplement but just adding a few scoops of Whey will not by themselves add more Muscle Mass. Muscle Mass is the result of Proper Diet and Exercise and these supplements just are convenience we bodybuilders should use to meet our high Protein requirements. Nevertheless Whey Protein is a gift from Above!].

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  • Whey Protein Benefits - Why is it called the next best thing after Iron
  • Where does Whey Protein come from
  • What are the Various types of Whey - Concentrates OR Isolates?
  • How is it superior to other supplements
  • How much Whey should you take
  • Where can you buy high quality Whey Protein Supplements at reasonable prices

  • Whey Protein - Why is it called the next best thing after Iron

    I are not going to elaborate on the health benefits of Whey such as its anti-aging properties, or its potentially cancer reducing and Immune boosting properties either as we are more interested in what Whey does best - to help consume enough Protein to Build Muscle.

    Whey is the Ultimate Protein available as it has the Highest Biological Value [BV]. Simply stated BV is a guide to quality of proteins, the higher BV the better.

    Previously Eggs where considered to be the perfect Protein food and they have been given a BV of 100 whereas BV for Whey ranges from 100 to 150.

    So your know for sure that Whey is the next best thing after our favorite Iron of course. Have I mentioned recent studies suggest that Whey may increase Glutathione, a potent Anti-oxidant in the Body! Way to go Whey!

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    Where does Whey Protein come from?

    Great Question as many think Whey is artificial. [Yes I get such emails and let me clear this confusion}.

    Whey is a Byproduct of Cheese Production. During the process of converting milk to cheese whey protein is separated out.

    Whey Protein is not a single element as it is a complex structure made up of several sub fractions. These sub fractions like Alpha and Beta Lactalbumin, Immunoglobulin, Lactoferrins and Lyzozymes have been further isolated and are sold as Branched Chain Amino acids {BCAA}.

    What are the Various types of Whey?

    In general there are 2 types of Whey, Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate.

    Whey Protein Concentrates

    They are just Like the Isolates but have more lactose in them {Protein about 30-40%}. They are cheap and hence many use them. The biggest disadvantage is that they have less protein per gram of the Powder.

    Also if you are Lactose Intolerant then Concentrates are out of the question as they may cause bloating and GI upset.

    Whey Protein Isolate

    How about a Solution which gives you 90-94% Protein per gram? Added to this fact that they are virtually sugar and fat-free makes Whey Protein Isolates a better choice.

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    How is it superior to other supplements?

    We have already talked about the Health benefits of Whey and the high Biological Value it offers. Just see this chart to find out how Whey beats other Protein Supplements Hands-down.

    Protein Source

    Biological Vale [ BV]

    Whey Protein Isolate

    Soy Protein




    Cottage Cheese







    How much Whey should you take?

    It depends on your Goal and how much protein you can consume from Real foods.

    2-3 servings of Whey is what many Weight Trainers Use. If you have a smaller appetite then you might consider a Meal Replacement Powder. As for Whey, drink 1-2 scoops right after your workout and 3-4 weeks down the line you will surprise yourself on the scale. But remember this assumes that you are eating enough calories as calculated in the Weight Training Diet Section.

    Where can you buy high quality Whey Protein Supplements at reasonable prices?

    Where else. I highly suggest Bodybuilding Superstore for all your Whey Protein Supplements as they are the best in the business. Also they are credible. I lost a can in shipping and they sent me a new one. Goes to show their commitment to customers.

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