Sensa weight loss - how does sensa work to lose weight?

The problem of weight gain is not only a product of the changing lifestyles from an active race to a predominantly sedentary race that has become accustomed to less exercising, but also a society that is keen on nutrition, with emphasis placed on always eating food with the highest grade of nutrients.

While there is nothing wrong with feeding healthily, the body conserves the excess nutrients by converting it into storage forms which become deposited as fats, hoping to use them up in leaner seasons which just don’t come.

Therefore while there is a major stress of exercising to reduce weight, what we get into our mouths also contributes a lot to how fast we lose weight, and how stable our weight loss will be in the long run.

The Problem with Traditional Weight Loss

Traditional methods of weight loss recognize this fact, that is why they provide foods low in nutrient content, and also stress exercise regimes to go with it.

However this usually leads to an imbalance as people always feel unsatisfied, and many are in permanent hunger pangs as the senses are crying out for more. 

To make this even worse, it has been known that after a successful weight loss program, many go right back to pick up weights that may even exceed their previous weights which really question the success of these weight loss programs.

Sensa weight loss, a new approach to weight loss


Sensa weight loss system uses a different approach to weight loss. Recognizing that it is what we take inside that gets deposited as fat in the long run, if we limit therefore what we take in, we will stop storing excesses and start reducing the stores in our body which consequently leads to a lower weight.

This approach uses odorless and tasteless crystals that are sprinkled on food during feeding times. These crystals contain stimulants that work on the receptors on the brain that control the sensation of hunger and the sensations of satisfaction.

These convey the message of satisfaction to the brain, therefore causing the user to eat less and thus the body receives just the right quantity of food and no more. This leads to a weight loss that is natural, without hunger pangs or cravings.

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