Physical Workouts boosted me a lot

by Dhruv

Before some years i was having very bad health. The bones were weak and so skin was looking very much stubborn.

i asked some people they told me to eat more so that i will look more cherish but my mind had something other to say.

I thought of then switching on to physical work outs for chest and biceps but was lacking all the gym instruments so i started with normal push ups for chest and pull ups for shoulders.And on next thing if i say will get totally mad

Initially when i asked dad to bring some instruments, he asked me to leave all this and concentrate more in studies and other career at this reaction i got annoyed but didn't stopped only there...i found the other way round...i was lacking many instruments except some my manual procedure for chest..but for biceps and triceps....

what i did was...i went down in small garden and picked up two equal design cement stones that are used to make roads on our streets.....they both weight 5-6 kilograms....totally equal.......I started to do with that...for my biceps and other arms meantime ....i made dumbbells of attaching 2 of those stones to a firm iron rod......and there was my brand new thing constructed............

Actually i was motivated from those prisoners who were kept in some low facility jails and i seen them on t.v working out with almost anything they got in hand....but appropriate enough.........not just anything............then i got motivated much and thought of making a can hit me up there ...

i give tips and some products to viewers there.......its full of it......have a nice get whatever you just need one spark of desire.........

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