Physical Therapy Exercises for Broken Arm


Rehab Exercises for those that Suffered a Broken Arm

Suffering a broken arm is certainly not an enjoyable experience. Once your "wing" is broken, you find your entire life thrown in disarray.

The inability to maintain full use of the arm is limiting and difficult. That is why it is best to allow the arm to heal properly.

One problem here is that even when the arm is healed it may not have its full function.

In order to attain full improvement of the arm, you will need to take part in a physical rehab program. In particular, you will need to take part in a series of exercises which can help strengthen the arm and make it stronger.

With the right physical therapy exercises for the arm, you could see amazing improvements in how the arm operates. You might even improve the strength of the arm in lieu of the injury. Of course, this would be the case provided you employ proper physical rehab exercises.

What are some of the main physical rehab exercises for a broken arm? Here are a few of the best exercises to employ if you wish to see the arm return to its original level of strength:

Simple Physical Therapy Exercises

One of the simplest exercises affects the hand and the wrist. You would brace your able on the arm rest of a chair and move the wrist/hand. The hand will circle around the wrist and the hand will move up and down. This may seem like a simple exercise on the surface but it is one that will definitely enhance the strength of the lower arm to a great degree.

Range of motion exercises would be of great benefit to those hoping to restore the proper way the arm moves. Basically, this would be the simple process of a shoulder shrug and rotation.

This is done in bodybuilding holding dumbbells. You need not hold the dumbbells in rehab since this would be far too strenuous. Simply performing the exercise without weights would be a much better plan.

Rotating the shoulder while you are bent over and allowing your arms to dangle would be another wise plan. This should not be performed in such a way that it strains the shoulder. Remember, you are not trying to enhance endurance or to build muscles. You are looking to rehab an injury.

Advanced Physical Therapy Exercises

A more advanced rotational exercise would follow the same principles as the previous one but the hand would be placed on the hip. Such an exercise should really only be performed when you are further down the road of the healing stage. Really, you do not want your injuries to get worse which is why you need to be careful with your rehab process.

Obviously, you do not want to engage in rehab exercises for the arm on your own. You need to do so under the oversight of a qualified rehab professional. This way you can enhance your healing potential without running the risk of making the injured arm worse.

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