Neck Exercises | Neck Strengthening, Tightening & Stretching Exercises

Neck Strengthening is the Key to Strong head and shoulders

Exercises for strengthening neck and shoulders are the key to have a pain-free, flexible and strong neck. From simple stretching to harder strengthening, these exercises should be a key part of your fitness regimen.

Problems with the neck are very common with people who are prone to working hours on computers. Exercises help to deal with these kinds of computer related problems and should be practiced regularly for a long and lasting effect.

One important tip while doing neck exercises, like all other exercise, is to breathe.

Here you will find 3 best neck exercises to help us relax and release tension in our neck muscles.

Neck Stretching

Every exercise starts with stretching to prevent abrupt stress on our muscles. Neck exercise is no excuse. Neck stretching lengthens and stretches our neck muscles that cause tightness that may be due to poor body posture.


Exercise One: To start this exercise, you should sit comfortably. Relax your shoulders and position your chin towards your chest.

Then turn your chin to the right (or left, whichever you prefer first) shoulder as far as possible. Make sure that you only turn your chin as far as you're comfortable. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds then repeat with the other side.

Exercise Two: Second stretching begins by sitting comfortably with your shoulders relaxed. Put your ear down towards your right shoulder until you feel the stretch on the other side of the neck. Hold this position for 30 seconds then repeat with the other side.

Isometric Neck Exercises

Isometric neck exercises are basic exercises for strengthening neck muscles and building endurance. Through this, we are protecting our throat and the structures surrounding it.

We start the isometric exercise on a neutral position (head aligned with the shoulders, looking straight ahead and no tilt in any directions). Begin with sitting straight up comfortably while keeping your feet flat on the floor, shoulders relaxed, and looking straight ahead then perform a chin tuck. This will be the starting position for all isometric neck exercises.

Exercise One: Front Neck Muscles: While on starting position, place your non-dominant hand over your forehead while taking a deep breath in through your nose. Match the resistance of your hand to your forehead. Then breathe out through the mouth slowly while counting to 10. Do this ten times.

Exercise Two: Side Bending: Place your palm at the top of the right side or the temple of your head. Place a resistance on the right side but do not bring your ear towards the shoulder while breathing in. Then breathe out in ten counts. Repeat ten times.

Exercise Three: Rotation: This is done just like side bending but avoiding the right side of your head to turn to the right. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat ten times.

Standing Shoulder Shrugs


This neck exercise for trapezius muscles helps to relieve neck tension. Begin with feet-shoulder width apart, arms dangling, knees slightly bent, looking straight ahead, and performing chin tuck.

Slowly breathe in while raising top of your shoulders towards the ears. Hold this position for ten seconds then slowly breathe out returning to your original position.

Chin Down Semi Circle Neck Exercise


This is a great exercise to relieve you from neck stiffness that may cause neck pain and muscle fatigue.

1. Start by sitting down properly, straight up with both feet flat on the floor. Put your hands on your lap and relax them as well as your shoulders.

2. Bring your chin towards the back of your shoulders while your chest is pointing to the wall.

Breathe in and bring your chin down while maintaining the chin tuck then roll left ear towards your left shoulder and hold this position for ten seconds.

Breathe out then semi circle roll your head to your right shoulder.

Always keep your shoulders down and hold for ten seconds then roll to the left.

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