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Does Metformin cause Weight Loss

Metformin is a drug that is used to treat people with type 2 diabetes. This drug helps to control the human blood sugar levels and sometimes used in combination with other medications such as insulin.

It has also been researched that this drug may even treat some mental health symptoms.

Key Points in Metformin Weight Loss

Here are key things one should know about Metformin before taking it as a weight loss pill:

1. Most studies have shown weight loss in patients taking Metformin but such weight loss was also seen in patients not taking the medication. There was no significant difference in both groups. However, the group taking Metformin showed to have not gain weight. Most diabetic medications have a side effect of weight gain except for this one.

2. Purchasing Metformin needs a prescription from your doctor. Specific instructions go along with Metformin so make sure you follow what doctor tells you to do for your own safety.

3. Taking Metformin in conjunction with a low carbohydrate diet effectively increases the possibility of weight loss. Also, coupling this medication with exercise for up to 30 minutes a day helps loss fat sugar in our body.

Patients taking Metformin are advised to maintain or improve diet and exercise regularly. Take Metformin weight loss with meals when experiencing diarrhea and stomach upset. With Metformin, it lowers the insulin levels in patients taking them thus decreasing a person's appetite. Low appetite means no overeating.

4. Always consult with your doctor before taking any drugs. Report any side effects you experience with the use of this drug such as dizziness, headaches, fatigue, and tremors.

Side effects may include elevated hormone homocysteine, which can cause serious complications with pregnancy. It may also cause eclampsia, which will not only put the mother in danger but also the baby's life.

Metformin raises amino acid levels in the blood thus increasing the risk of atherosclerosis. Prolonged use of Metformin is known to cause liver failure, alcoholism, infections, and heart attacks.

5. As an insulin resistant agent, Metformin helps in the easy movement of glucose in the body into the muscles and tissues.

Metformin works in aiding insulin to go down which helps in controlling diabetes and weight gain. It fights insulin resistance and prevents the continuation of type 2 diabetes.

6. Beware of Metformin side effects

It has also been said to help shorten the risks of heart attacks, diabetes-related deaths, strokes, and other diseases. Women who are taking this medication for weight loss will see the effect between one and five weeks from the start of the regimen.

Acne, weight gain, irregular menstruation, and infertility is said to be cured with the use of Metformin.

Weight Loss is a Side Effect of Metformin

Weight loss is actually a side effect of the drug along with other things such as decreased testosterone levels that in turn reduce the appearance of too much body hair but may also cause balding in both sexes.

Other effects also include amenorrhea and reduce incidence of acne.

Weight loss is usually not the primary reasons of people in taking it. But it seemed to have contributed to weight loss in patients who are taking it.

Metformin when used as a weight loss program should be monitored intently for any signs of side effects and any untoward changes in one's health.

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