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Before we go into the burning issue of what a heart rate calculator is and fully understand its application, it is worthwhile to first investigate what maximum heart rate is and the importance of calculating its value.

What is maximum heart rate and why is it necessary to know its value?

The maximum heart rate is a value that takes account of the age, sex and fitness of individuals to give a value that can then be used together with other calculations to identify the heartbeat training zones in order that you can know exactly to what percentage you are exercising your heart, and what effects you are generating in your body at a particular heart rate training zone.

These values also lets you know at what point you will be considered to be straining your heart and so also serves as a guide to safe training.

Armed with this knowledge and with a good heart rate monitor, you will know when your body is getting enough exercise, when your body is getting maximum energy pumped through it by the heart, or when your heart has reached its limit during an exercise session.

Maximum heart rates are usually used in conjunction with resting heart rate that is usually the heart rate when you are completely at rest and relaxing.

There are many formulae for calculating the maximum heart rate. However recently, there are electronic devices, websites and software that have integrated on them applications that can be used for determining your maximum heart rate.

These are generally called Maximum Heart Rate Calculators and some of them can even be used for determining your different training zones based on the value obtained from the calculation of the maximum heart rate.

Knowing these values can help you track changes in your body as you train, and will also keep you within safe limits.

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