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Summary of Best Lower Back Exercise Machines:

1. Yukon Giant Back hypertension machine {Price Range 250 to 300$}

2. The Body Solid GCAB360 CAM Series And/Back Machine {Price Range 350-499$}

3. The Roman Chair, and

4. The gravity table by Motion.

Many people engage in strength training for all the good reasons; to improve health, looks, bone density and strength among others. However many people fail to give their bodies the complete treatment that they require.

One area where this is evident is in the training of the back muscles, especially the lower back muscles. Because they are not very evident, many people neglect to train the back directly and so they may easily suffer injuries related to their backs even though they might have grown strong biceps and leg muscles.

The best way to overcome this weakness in incorporating training that is directed to the back and the lower back in particular. This is easily accomplished with lower back exercise machines.

There are many different lower back exercise equipments that differ in appearance and the principle that is used to train the back muscles. However, some machines are not made exclusively for training the back. They can usually train the lower back as well as other parts too.

Most classification of the most effective lower back exercise machines will not fail to mention the

1. Yukon Giant Back hypertension machine,

2. The Body Solid GCAB360 CAM Series An/Back Machine, the Roman Chair, and

3. The gravity table by Motion.

These Lower back exercise equipment will help in both training the back to build muscles, and also help in therapy for those that already have injured backs, they can be adjusted to strengthen the muscles back into health.

Important causes of low back weakness and pain

The Lower region of the back is made up of a portion of the spinal cord passing through the spine made up of discs of bones joined together by muscles and tissues. These parts need to be held together and joined to other parts of the body, and they are also built to keep the spine in position, helping people to stand erect, bend and perform other actions in a fluid movement.

Lower back weakness and pain essentially arises when all these parts are not held together or become bruised in some respect, and is usually an indication of something gone wrong. Generally most issues concerning lower back pain can be solved if the pain is addressed once it starts. The reason many people get damaged disks or injuries in the lower back is because they neglect to address the pain when they start feeling the pain.

Some of the major causes of Lower back pain

• Overloading and stressing of the back muscles and bones due to carrying a heavy load, or not using right postures. It is also common when people carry weights that are far greater than what they should be doing, and not following the right postures for exercises. This trains the muscles and when done continuously, pain may arise in the lower back.

• Some of the nerves may become irritated or exposed due to incorrect movement or due to bruising.

• Sometimes the discs in the back may be rubbing in the wrong places.

• Lack of warm up before exercise, and lack of correct cooling down may cause the muscles of the back to become stressed if the back is used in training without taking sufficient measure to ensure that the back is warmed up and prepared for the exercise.

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