How to reduce LDL cholesterol using diet and exercise

Regular exercise, combined with diet and higher fiber intake is a proven strategy to lower LDL {bad cholesterol}.

In this article you will discover, what is LDL and HDL, and how you can lower LDL cholesterol with drugs.

The Relationship between Low Levels of LDL and Exercise

The levels of LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol otherwise known as good and bad cholesterol are related to each other.

Research now proves that the more the LDL cholesterol in the blood increases lesser the hdl cholesterol levels. And the increase in HDL means a consequent reduction in LDL levels.


High LDL levels are linked to coronary heart diseases

It is also common scientific knowledge today that the increase in the levels of LDL in the body is a powerful indication of an increased risk of coronary heart disease.

The LDL gets oxidized by free radicals in the blood vessels to produce deposits or plaques that block the arteries

This is one of the causes of heart disease and heart failure.

HDL cholesterol is protective to heart

It is also known that HDL protects the blood vessels from damage by helping in the transfer of cholesterol for excretion and also for biosynthesis in the liver cholesterol is transformed into bile acids.

How to lower LDL levels in the body

Many factors affect the concentration of LDL in the body. However, by measuring the levels of LDL before and after exercise, it has been shown that exercising reduces the levels of LDL in the body.

The Role of Exercise

Therefore physical exercises and aerobic training for at least once a week for a thirty minute to a one hour session each week can do a lot to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

What type of physical exercise works best in Lowering LDL levels in the Body?

Though it is generally accepted that physical training and aerobic exercise will lower the levels of LDL in the body, there is no significant difference in the results between those that practice high intensity exercise and low intensity exercise.

Therefore we can come to the conclusion that every type of physical exercise is beneficial in lowering the levels of LDL in the body.

Weight Loss via diet and exercise

Weight Loss, especially losing fat around the abdomen is a proven strategy to lower LDL levels and consequently lower your chances of heart diseases.

Weight Loss exercises combined with diet is the key to lower LDL cholesterol levels.

Also increase your total fiber intake to 25 to 40 grams per day.

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