Hypnosis and Weight Loss - Truth and Lies


Is Hypnosis Useful for Weight Loss?

If you've tried everything to lose weight and have failed, take heart. Hypnosis can be a useful tool when it comes to weight loss, as long as it's used in conjunction with other tools, too.

The key benefit to hypnosis is that used over time, it really can change your thinking so that "weight-loss" becomes almost secondary to good health.

Although it certainly can help you lose weight, the real focus for most bona fide hypnosis practitioners is to change how you think about yourself in relation to food.

Here's how it can benefit you:

* Minimize unhealthy food cravings

If you have one particular food that's your downfall, like chocolate, hypnosis can temporarily minimize food cravings that might otherwise make you fall off the wagon.

* "Retool" thinking

Slowly, over time, you can change negative thinking patterns about dieting and losing weight that have become ingrained. For example, perhaps when you start a diet, you always think you're going to fail.

Hypnosis can "retool" your thinking by taking away that negative self-talk and replacing it with positive, results oriented thinking.

* Change focus

Just about every weight loss professional out there says that the key is not to go on a "diet," but to change the way you focus on food in general; instead of binging on unhealthy foods, for example, you'll come to enjoy healthy foods in moderate, adequate amounts.

By using hypnosis as a tool, you can learn to change your focus from one of wanting to binge on foods to wanting to moderately enjoy healthy foods for good health, nutrition, and good taste.

* Keep you motivated

It's also been shown that hypnosis can provide short-term motivation to get you started on your new plan.

What hypnosis CAN'T do

* It's not a magical fix

However, hypnosis is not a magical fix. You can't expect that everything is going to be changed so that now, you'll be a healthy and moderate eater who also likes to exercise. Instead, hypnosis works in conjunction with other tools to help you change your thinking slowly, over time.

You'll slowly change your thinking to focus on food in a different way, so that you concentrate on healthy eating for good nutrition, while weight loss becomes secondary.

* You'll need "tuneups"

Once you get started, you may find that you need hypnosis "tuneups" so that your new, healthy thinking about food stays properly in place and so that old habits don't rear their ugly heads.

Regular hypnosis sessions can help you keep your new healthy focus, and keep you losing weight until you reach your goal; regular tuneups may also keep you at your goal weight, if you find yourself slipping.

* You have to want to change

Finally, hypnosis can't help you if you really don't believe in what it does for you, or if you really don't want to lose weight or change your eating habits.

Hypnosis works WITH you, not against you. It can give you that extra boost you need if you've already got the motivation, but it can't give you that motivation or desire for long if you don't truly want to change. It's up to you.

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