How to Use/Train with Heart Rate Monitors

Tips to Purchase and Use Heart Rate Monitors

Hello I recently purchased Polar ft40 heart rate monitor watch. Can you please suggest some tips on how to train with a heart rate monitor, how to use it, bow to know how many calories I am burning and how to maintain it safely?

Do you want to get the most out of your cardio sessions  but are not sure if you are burning the proper amount of fat? If so then you probably would find great value in purchasing a heart rate monitor. There are scores of excellent name brand manufacturers that are producing top of the line heart rate monitors which will always have you training in the right zone.

You know about Target Zone Heart Rate Training  already. Here is a small refresher.

By zone, it is meant that at certain heart rate levels, the body will be more inclined to burn carbs as opposed to fat. In some instances, you may burn more muscle mass than fat or carbs. For those that want to burn mostly fat, a certain zone needs to be maintained and a heart rate monitor will easily let you know when it is time to pick things up or to slow them down.

Here are a few tips to help you stay on top of your game and get the most out of your training session with your heart rate monitor.

Purchase a top name brand monitor. You need not spend a ton of money on a heart rate monitor but you can purchase a decent one that does not come with a high price tag. You want efficiency with the heart rate monitor and not one that looks pretty or comes with a huge price.

• Be sure the monitor strap is properly affixed to your chest. No matter how good the heart rate monitor is, it will not be of great value if it isn't attached to your chest in the right manner. Instead, eliminate the slack in the chest band and ensure it is placed properly on the heart.

• You will need to determine your proper heart rate  you need to maintain in order to burn fat. This is usually done by accessing any one of a number of reliable heart rate calculators online. This way, all you need to do is plug in your age, your weight, and your resting pulse and you can determine the rate needed for burning up fat with maximum efficiency.

• Always monitor the rate your heart is beating for safety concerns. You do not want your heart rate going too high or else you may find yourself passing our worse. Determine what is your maximum heart rate in the anaerobic level and stay away from it! You do not want to put yourself at risk with a heart that is beating to fast.

• And, of course, you always want to beconsistent with your workouts. Inconsistency with workouts never leads to the desired results. You have to be consistent or results will be hard to find. This would be true of all exercise plans.

Working out with a heart rate monitor is not complicated. Embodying a few basic steps will enhance your success potential tremendously. That means you will be well on you way to improved health, fitness, and appearance. Recommends Turbulence Training  - Quick Fat Burning Workouts

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