Best Exercises for Women to Lose Weight At Home


Losing Weight at Home with these Exercise is SO Simple

You may not always have the time to go to gym and therefore simple exercises that can be done at home can be great to lose weight and stay lean and fit. Here are my favorite ones.

Walking is a great way to lose weight and burn off not only calories and fat but the tension that has built up throughout the day.

If you are like me and are still stuck in the rain, snow and ice of winter, obviously a jaunt around the block a few times is not recommended. However depending on the size of your residence, a big house with plenty of stairs can burn many calories while you multi-task and get some of those chores out of the way as well. If you are perhaps living in a smaller place such as an apartment, there should still be plenty of walking room available to get your metabolism revving.

This will provide you with some low-impact aerobic exercise while toning your legs. Grab some small weights and start toning your arm muscles at the same time.

Dancing is another great way to lose weight and burn calories while thoroughly enjoying yourself in the privacy of your own home. Many of us have some reservations about going out dancing and feel that everyone is solely there to judge us on our dancing abilities or lack thereof. While dancing at home, unless the blinds are open, there will be no panel of judges critiquing your dance moves allowing you to be free to have a great time.

Jumping jacks is yet another way to lose weight while being thrust back into the days of our childhood when jumping jacks were pretty much a daily part of our lives. These fun exercises also combine the much-needed warm up and cardio activity. If you really want to let go and live it up a bit, try jumping up and down on a bed, preferably an older one. That certainly will bring back the joy we had in our childhood days especially if a pillow fight is included.

Light weight lifting can be as simple as grabbing a few cans of vegetables for the beginner although you will want to build up to heavier items as you gain strength and muscle. You can try a variety of household items and see which is the best for you. Try half-gallon milk jugs then gallon ones as you are able to work up to them. Laundry detergent bottles will also do the trick but you can always use small dumbbells which are fairly inexpensive if you feel silly using your household products.

Push-ups can be done in a variety of ways. You can do the official push-up with two hands or get fancy and just use one, do them from your knees instead of keeping your legs out straight or even up against a wall. These will be working both your chest muscles as well as building strength in both your upper and lower arms too.

Mini Circle Ab Pro is one piece of workout equipment that I actually bought from watching a late night infomercial that is both fun and a good workout as well. At first, it appears to be overly easy until you keep going into more and more reps. This is not a piece of exercise equipment you plug in which basically just means that you are the propellant moving it completely with only your body energy and movements.

Mix up your exercises and keep trying new things to have enjoyable workouts that help you lose weight while having fun at the same time.

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