GABA and Muscle Building Facts


How does GABA help Build Muscle Mass?

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is the product of a reaction that takes place biochemically between both glutamic acid and pyridoxal (amino acid and one of the natural forms of Vitamin B6).

One main function of GABA is that is acts as a stimulant in producing HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and thus helps in the areas of bodybuilding and general fitness as well.

Below are just a few of the benefits that GABA provides for your average person as well as the fitness and bodybuilding gurus.

* Muscle Building and Weight Loss

The proportional relationship existing between dosing of GABA and HGH has found some very interesting results.

In one study, just a minimal amount of GABA at only the three gram level increased levels of HGH up to 500%. Keep in mind that this was administered orally and right before strenuous exercising.

With having elevated levels of HGH, there are two important benefits that can be found. First is that the amount of fat (or subcutaneous fat more specifically) is greatly reduced, which provides for a heightened increase in the body's lean mass.

GABA supplements are very helpful in both losing and maintaining weight, which are extremely important particularly to athletes and bodybuilders.

GABA and Muscle Hypertrophy

Next is that there is a remarkable increase in the size of muscles due to GABA supplements.

HGH is well known to be an anabolic agent, which basically just means that it aids in building muscles that will in turn bring about an enhanced appearance of the muscles.

Keep in mind that while the muscle size is enhanced, muscle strength is not. However, combining other healthy supplements with GABA is when you will notice the strength becoming enhanced. The key is simply finding the right combination of nutritional supplements to reach this goal.

* Recovery of Injuries

While building muscle and strength is very important to overall health, there are other great side benefits as well, such as the enhanced ability to recover from injuries while working out and performing muscle building exercises.

This amazing benefit happens due to HGH's anabolic effects upon the connective tissues. While exercising, some wear and tear on muscles can't be avoided and thus can lead to injuries.

With GABA supplements, much quicker repair from sustained injuries can be just what the bodybuilder needs to keep exercising thanks to the increased rate of repairs endured from injuries.

* Sleep Cycles Improve

Proper rest is absolutely needed to allow muscles to be able to recover from injuries.

GABA has been proven to greatly improve sleep patterns, allowing the body to facilitate the necessary ability to heal itself, which will then allow much more activity to be performed at a much faster rate.

It also encourages vivid dreams, which is important particularly for athletes and bodybuilders since creative visualization for achieving goals is paramount to their success.

* Elimination of Pain

GABA has very effective painkilling benefits that have even helped people with severe pain from osteoarthritis.

When bodybuilders have muscle spasms and the inevitable muscle pain, GABA helps get rid of cramping. To achieve the most benefits from GABA supplementation, take them before retiring to bed for the evening on an empty stomach.

Taking them in the evening also helps in aiding the natural production of HGH.

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