Fat loss weight training | How to Use Weight Training to Lose Fat

Among the many useful benefits of weight training, fat loss is also a significant benefit of consistent and purposeful weight lifting. Weight Training for Fat Loss is scientifically proven too.

When you lift weights following a good program, you will increase your metabolic rate which will in turn burn the excess fat in your body for extra energy and also for building muscle mass. 

In addition to the fat that is actively burnt during weightlifting, more fat is also burnt in a process termed after-burn that continuously uses up the excess fat in the body for a long time even after you have stopped exercising.

Training regime for Maximum fat loss

Though in general most weight training regimes when conscientiously practiced on a regular basis will result in fat loss, there are certain regimes that are more adapted to produce maximum fat loss than others.

The first thing to note is to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and fatty foods gradually so that you don’t feed the body’s store. This will encourage the body to breakdown the reserves consistently. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables as you go on this program.

As you reduce your carbohydrate and fat intake to permit the body metabolize its reserves, reduce the amount of time you spend in training so that you don’t stress the body. This should be done in a stepwise fashion to get your body used to the reduced intake of food.

However, even as you reduce the time spent in exercising, you need to keep on target with the weights that you practice with depending on the weights and number of repetition you are required to do. Don’t reduce the intensities of the weights.

Other points to consider in Fat Loss Weight Training 

In order that your fat loss weightlifting program is successful, it must not only end with one kind of work out. It is important that you vary your exercises so as to keep you interested and engaged and also to improve other areas of the body. Introducing a circuit style weight lifting program will go a long way to achieve this goal.

It increases your metabolic rates much more than you achieve with a normal cardiovascular training scheme. This will help your heart, blood flow and will spice up your training.

A typical exercise routine can be as follows:

About 50 repetitions of Sandbag sit-ups,

30 repetitions of Oblique crunches

30 X-lunges using dumbbells.

These can then be followed by using weights to do repetitions and then returning to the exercise patterns to relax your muscles and end the program.

Keep it on, don’t stop

Once you start the program, the best advice is to start slowly and build up capacity and use larger weights as you go along. Most importantly never give up. Even when you go to the mirror and nothing seems to be changing, don’t give up.  Just keep it on until you reach your target. And when you get there, it is not the end of the story. You have to follow regular exercises to keep your weight at a constant level so as not to develop more fat anymore.

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