Free Exercise Ball Workout For Women - Get Lean, Get Strong


How to Use Exercise Ball Workouts to get lean and strong

The inflatable exercise ball has been available on the fitness market for quite a bit of time. Those that are not all that familiar with how such an exercise item works may be shocked to discover the versatility of it. Contrary to what some may believe, there are all sorts of different workouts that can be employed with an exercise ball.

In addition to the different exercises that can be performed, there are all manner of different focuses that can be employed. In other words, you can perform strength training, isometric development, fat burning, and even cardio boosting workouts on the exercise ball.

Now, while different people will have different goals, it is safe to say most women that employ an exercise ball in their workouts are doing so to tone their physique and enhance their strength levels slightly. By slightly, we mean a gradual increase in functional muscle performance. We are not talking about performing power lifting type increases of strength levels.

For those women that do wish to become toned, in shape, and a little stronger, here is a brief look at a quality exercise ball workout for women that will prove to be enormously helpful:

* Crunches on an Exercise Ball

* Pushups with Feet or Knees on an Exercise Ball


Superman Lunge Dive and Crunch Retraction on an Exercise Ball
* Lower Back Extensions on an Exercise Ball
* Squats with a Press of the Exercise Ball Overhead
* Ab Roll on the Exercise Ball
* Butt Lift on the Exercise Ball

Ball Twist with the Legs

Exercise Ball Workouts Duration

This exercise session can be performed all at once and performed three times a week. Or, you could cut the session in half and perform a four-day routine with four exercises on each of the four days.

Remember, your goal here is not to overdo it by performing an over the top endurance program.

No one would suggest such an unrealistic approach to working out.

Rather, you will want to simple work the core muscles so that your prime goal of burning fat and slightly enhancing your strength levels are attained.

Core Training on Exercise Ball


The notion that you are working the core muscles bears repeating.

The core muscles are the epicenter of the body and are the root of must functional daily strength.

If you want to see your performance of your daily tasks improve tremendously, you will need to enhance the strength of your core muscles - the abs, lower back, upper thighs, etc.

More Core Training Tips

Additionally, if you would ever wish to develop your strengths to the highest level possible, you would want to work the core muscles since they would provide the support needed for advanced strength workouts.

Most women do not look to use an exercise ball to set the stage for power lifting performance.

However, working the core muscles would be among the wisest courses of action to follow in order to enhance natural strength potential.

This then sets the proper stage for getting into perfect shape and the exercise ball will help with such results.

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