dumbbell lateral raises with Pictures

by Chris

I'm new and ignorant about exercise, but i'm trying to figure this stuff out.

I was reading your example about dumbbell lateral raises and am not getting it.

I found a youtube video, but the guy didn't bend his arms, like your instructions say.

It's not clear what starting position is, or the motion.

I really like this website, well-organized and useful. For this exercise, pictures would help.


Hi Chris,

Here is the exercise with pictures.


Keep elbows straight throughout the move.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for visiting ExerciseGoals.com

How to do Dumbbell Lateral Raises Exercise

Dumbbell lateral raises are used to train the Deltoid muscles of the shoulders. Though it is typically an isolation exercise with the deltoid as the chief targets, they also exercise to a limited way the other muscles of the shoulders
and arms by this same movement..

Like most exercises, performing the exercises the right way will yield the best benefits. Here is how to do the dumbbell lateral raises.

Correct form for performing Dumbbell Lateral Raises

•• Take hold of the dumbbells, and bend slightly so that the dumbbells are held
close together at the front of your body.

• Your knees and hips should also be bent to follow the slightly curved nature of your body. However some people hold their feet shoulder width apart, while others hold their feet closer together. Take the stance that offers you
better support.

• Then raise the dumbbells until your elbows take the level of your shoulders, make sure that your wrists do not bend, but are held straight out as you reach the top of the raise. Also make sure that the wrists are around the same level as your shoulders.

• Hold the motion at the top of the raise for a few seconds, and then gradually lower to starting position again.

Developing strength and muscles with Dumbbell raises

In order to develop strength and muscles with dumbbell raises, you have to progressively increase the number of repetitions that you do and also the weight of the dumbbells. It is always better to start with dumbbells that are medium to light weight that will permit you to learn to execute the exercise in correct

With these, you can be expected to do about 10 to 15 repetitions easily without going to failure.

Then you can progress to heavier weights gradually during each exercise session in order to progressively build larger muscle mass.

When you have learnt the form and have strengthened the muscles, you might want to try a more challenging version of the dumbbell raises.

In this version, in the same exercise session, you start with a small weight for warm up and then go on to medium, heavy and very heavy without any rest between apart from the time to change to a higher weight. Do this until during
the final weight you cannot do over 3 or 4 repetitions.


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