Cycling Weight Training Tips and Sample Strength Training Program


Cycling Weight Training Tips - How to Do It

Cycling weight training is absolutely essential for serious trainers to build leg strength.

Although bulkier legs built on squats alone might be harmful, you need to strengthen leg and core muscles to improve on power and stamina required to excel in cycling and more so for triathletes.

Have you ever looked at pictures of top bodybuilders in the magazines and marvelled at their incredibly muscular and ripped physique?

Perhaps you have and wondered how they could maintain such a physique all year around. Here is some news: they don't look that cut all year round.

They look that way at contest time or when they know they will be photographed for a magazine.

No, this is not to say they do not look cut to some degree through the year.

However, for peak muscle definition on top of a lot of muscle mass, these bodybuilders need to cycle their training. And even if you are not a pro or amateur bodybuilder, you do retain the option of cycling in order to arrive at the physique you desire.

Cycling Basics

First, what is meant by cycling? In the simplest of terms, this refers to the ability to pack on mass for a large part of the year and then entering into a definition phase for a few weeks in order to develop a ripped look.

So, for those hoping to get super cut, here is some cycling weight training tips to help you attain your goals:

Cycling Weight Training Program Guidelines

Perform mass building for 9 months out of the year and then three months of cutting.

Muscle Building Phase

The mass building stage does not have to be one where you are continually seeking to add a ton of muscle mass to your frame. Rather, it could be a process where you could bulk up somewhat and then maintain your current levels of muscle mass for the remainder of the mass phase.

Fat Burning or Cutting Back Phase

The cutting cycle will be one mostly of definition based isolation exercises. These will be performed at low weight and high repetition. However, it would be inaccurate to say that only definition exercises are what you need to perform during the cycling phase. A great deal of cardio work needed to be done during this stage as well. Cardio work burns off excess fat and it helps tone muscles. Both of these outcomes are what is sought during the cutting cycle which is why they are both recommended.

Do not bulk up excessively. You do not want to pack on a lot of fat during your mass building phase. This is a common disastrous mistake people make. They will overeat during the mass building phase and then try to get cut in a cycling phase. However, the excess fat makes getting cut a lot harder and even unreachable depending upon how much body fat you have added to your frame. So, do not overeat while you are seeking to pack muscle mass as this will only make the cutting process a lot harder.

Diet during the cutting cycle will need to be strict. After all, if it is not strict then you will not burn off the excess fat that makes a cut look appear elusive. You will need to cut back on your calories in order to create the much needed deficit to target stored fat. Also, you will need to reduce your carbohydrate intake since you do not want to burn glucose as much as you want to burn fat during the cutting stage.

These tips are pretty straight forward and simple. There are also effective and can certainly help you succeed with weight training cycling through the year. recommends the Ultimate Cycle Race Training Guide

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