Cannot gain weight, im soo bad

by gourav



im work out soo hrd but ma size cant increas.............

wht should i do

Hi Gaurav,

If you are training with sufficient intensity then most likely the problem is with your diet. Do check out the Muscle Building diet section to create a better meal plan.

Or you can use the pre-made muscle plans using muscle building program.

More Weight Gain Tips

Some people by reason of genetics or eating patterns find it difficult to develop enough weight for weight training, or even when they are training to build muscles, they are not building enough muscle mass and so their weight training is not very effective.
In order to effectively gain weight, you have to feed the body the right nutrients in the right proportions and also undertake weight training in order to burn the nutrients into muscles. The top 5 weight gain tips include;
Know where you are; This may be as fundamental as it sounds, but it is the point where you take account of your present weight and where you have to be. Taking inventory of yourself and making logs to keep records is essential to checking your progress. Check yourself at least once a week to see how you progress and whether you need to intensify training, or eat more.
Eat up! ; This is also another fundamental, but in order to gain weight, you need to supply the raw materials for building this weight. Eating a protein rich diet
will provide the body with building blocks for muscles. Meats, fish, eggs, milk and beans are wonderful sources of proteins. This also means eating regularly, taking breakfast, lunch and dinner and then taking healthy snacks like nuts which are rich in fats, oils, proteins and other important vitamins.
Exercise regularly; Eating and sitting on the couch will only help you gain weight by becoming fat. Hitting the gym and performing weight training exercises will enable you to now burn the fat and nutrients that you have taken into your diet into lean, compact and better muscles.
Drink Lots of Water; It is normally said that if you ever feel thirsty, it means you are already at a critical stage of dehydration, and this is dangerous in weight training because you may lose balance and feel faint with dehydration. The best way is to drink regularly. Always have a bottle of water around you and sip from time to time, even when you are not feeling thirsty. The water will also get the nutrients moving through your body faster and help energize you.
Get adequate rest; Taking adequate rest in terms of resting regularly between training sessions, and also giving yourself enough time to recover from the training sessions is as important as training and eating right. Resting also comes in form of sleeping well at night, and also in the form of taking time off like taking weeks of rest so your muscles can recover and grow.


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Jul 19, 2010
Gain weight
by: Anonymous

Do lots of full body exercises to raise your testosterone levels such as:-

1. Barbell/dumbell squat and then press

2. Wood chops

3. Barbell cleans

4. Barbell deadlifts

Also make dure you are eating enough calories from fresh food.

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