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How to Build Muscle and Lose Weight at the same time

The very first step to losing weight and building muscle is to accept the challenge and to feel positive about the results the other side of that hurdle!

Getting into a routine and knowing what is best for you is the hardest part and after a short time your exercise plan will feel like second nature.

This action plan and the tips that are about to follow will only gain you success if you see it as your new lifestyle or even a habit - only this time it is a habit that will favour your physical health, appearance and confidence.

*Work Those Muscles! - Work the muscles, build them up through some simple strength training such as performing repetitions of squats, overhead presses and sit-ups.

You can enhance the effect of theses exercises by using weights at the same time, attaching them to wrists or ankles when they cannot be held. Don't get too comfy though, on reaching your comfort zone you should increase the weight a little bit. Explore the possibilities of strength training and write up a 30 minute routine to be exercised three times a week.

*Lose The Fat! - The strength training that you do will strip fat whilst building muscle - hitting two birds with one stone so to speak...the last tip on nutrition also helps to maintain a healthy weight loss so watch your diet carefully and stay away from the soda and junk food.

For some of you, losing weight might be a greater issue if you have a lot to lose or if you are having particular difficulties to get the ball rolling.

If this sounds like you then do a further  20-30 minutes cardiovascular exercise after your strength training - just don't push yourself to hard that you are gasping for air at the end of the session.

Another tip for those having to shift a lot of fat is to work out your ideal calorie intake and although bothersome, counting the calories during the day to stay under your number.

*The Nutrition Factor - What you eat is not only important for the losing weight part but for the building muscle part too; you can't choose to starve yourself or you will ultimately burn out.

There are some basic pointers on nutrition to help you lose the flab and get a more defined figure - eat plenty of green fibrous vegetables, choose leaner cuts of meat and fish for protein, whole grain foods are good sources of carbohydrates and don't forget the good fats such as omega 3, 6, 9 and olive oils.

*Self-Motivation - This is a really important factor of building muscle and losing weight; set your goals and monitor your progress every week. There are several methods of measuring the success - take a fat caliper for measuring the fat loss and take photos of yourself too.

Weighing scales are an obvious option but don't make these a daily habit, once a week is more than enough. Finally, do share your progress with others who are aiming for similar goals and if nothing else it might just bring the competitiveness out of you!

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