Best 3 Abdominal Exercises for Women of all Ages

Which are the Best Abdominal Exercises for Women

When you need to tame that tummy and slim your waistline you want to be certain that you are using the 3 best abdominal exercises for women. You should begin with these exercise routines if you really want to flatten and tone your midsection.

* Crunches
* Leg Lifts
* Resistance Band workout

Add Diet Tips to these exercises


Although these are three of the top ab workouts for women to use you still need to incorporate these abdominal exercises with a healthy diet and training program. Remember even if you have fierce belly muscles they can't be seen if they are covered by a layer of flabby fat.

You can reduce the number of calories in your diet but do not forget that healthy, muscle-building protein. In order to keep your abdominal muscles healthy they need the protein that is found in lean meats, eggs, whole grain cereals and seafood.

Healthy fats and healthy carbs are also part of any abdominal training program. Avoid sugars, greasy fried foods, sodas and highly processed food products. Snack on raisins, granola, almonds and walnuts for energy and tummy taming nutrition.

Fruits and veggies have the powerful anti-oxidants that you need to cleanse and refresh your body. When you are targeting the muscles in your abdominal area these anti-oxidants and vitamins will help you maintain optimum health. Anti-oxidants help repair your internal organs, body systems and muscles particularly when you are stressing your body with increased activity and exercise.

Check out the impressive, toned abs that are sported by most of the top female athletes and Hollywood stars. You do not have to transform into a bag of skin and bones to get abs that are tight, sexy and sleek. In fact once you have developed some stronger, firmer abdominals you will be proud to have some womanly curves that you can flaunt.

Many people feel that they have to suffer through hours of intense, painful workouts in order to get the kind of flat, toned abdominals that they want. This is exactly what you Do Not need to do. It should not take you long hours of work to redefine, tone and reshape your midsection.


* The right abdominal exercises are simple
* The best ab exercises should be easy to do
* The top ab exercises target your core and get results

If you devote a mere 20 minutes each day to an abdominal workout you will notice a positive difference in your shape in as little as 2 weeks.

Tips for Powerful Ab Exercise Routines

* Perform crunches with your back on the floor and your shoulder blades curled slightly off the floor. This helps make sure that your abs are receiving the maximum benefit from these exercises.

* Proper posture and correct breathing techniques will boost the results of any abdominal workout session.

* You can perform ab routines every day. Daily workouts help you achieve the best results in the fastest time.

* Those abdominal muscles are some of the largest and strongest in your body. You must perform sets of at least 25 reps if you want to see a visible difference in your abdominal area.

* Resistance bands are one of the best ways to target the abs and these bands add extra impact to any of those workout sessions.

* Changing the number of reps and the order in which you do certain routines will keep your body guessing. This is the simplest way to challenge your abs and get real results in a short amount of time.

Patience and Persistence Pays, Big Time

It is impossible to lose weight in only one section of your body but with these exercises and nutrition tips you can make sure that you are going to eliminate that belly fat as well as those other unwanted fatty deposits.

You do not have to settle for that flabby, out of condition belly when a toned, firm abdomen is what you really want. Stay on track, maintain your focus and you will see the difference for yourself in just a few weeks.

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