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How Baseball players can use Weight Training effectively

Baseball players require powerful arms and shoulders, explosive legs and strong core muscles. This requires you to do weight training to develop this strength specifically.

All sports require some form of weight training. This is a factual statement that most people might not be completely aware of.

The reason for this is that certain sports are not immediately associated with pumping iron. Baseball would definitely be one of these sports.

The reason is that no one thinks of the image of a baseball player as someone that is bulked up and packing 250lbs of solid muscle.

Build Muscle Strength and NOT Muscle Mass

Well, that may be true but it also reflects a very limited perspective of what weight training is and how it can help someone effectively perform in the sport of baseball.

Not all weight lifting revolves around packing on mass. To assume that it does is just a flat out inaccurate assessment of the process.

Different modes of weight training help develop lean muscle mass in different ways. All lean muscle mass is helpful in terms of its ability to boost athletic performance. This piece of sound wisdom is true for baseball just as it would be for those sports that might require packing on excess muscle mass.

This raises the obvious question regarding what would be a solid workout program for those hoping to enhance their performance in the game of baseball. There is no single mode of exercise that can deliver a uniform workout program that will affect all people equally. Again, that is just not how the process is known to work.

Sample Weight Lifting Program for Baseball Players

For those looking for a general example of a workout, here is a decent one that players of baseball will find helpful.

First of all, it is necessary to point out that baseball weight training will always be based on strength training.

You are not looking to pack on a large amount of muscle bulk. You want to increase your strength levels.

This would be a consistent theme among all modes of sports training. With baseball, however, you will want to lift light weights for the upper body and heavy weights for the lower body.

Here is an example of a decent workout program to follow:

Day One

Forearm Reverse Curls
Wrist Curls
Reverse Wrist Curls
Barbell Squats
Leg Extensions

Day Two

Dumbbell Supine Bench Press
Dumbbell Incline Bench Press
Stiff Leg Dead Lifts
Good Mornings (Light Weight on Barbell)

Day Three

Frontal Military Presses
Reverse Military Presses
Dumbbell Curls
Calf Raises
Butterfly Extensions

Again, this is just an example of the free weight workouts that can be employed to enhance the strength of those hoping to perform at their peak with the game of baseball. Variations to the program can be employed as you see fit. The key here is that you follow the same basic principles of low weight for the upper body and heavy weights for the lower body.

As for the other four days of the week, performing a variety of bodyweight exercises could prove to be the best course of action to follow. Why is this so? Basically, this will enhance muscle endurance tremendously, which will further boost your potential to succeed on the diamond. Recommends Learn Baseball Hitting Program

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