Ab Exercise Belt for Women - Which Works, Which doesn't?

Best Women's Exercise Ab Belt-Scam or Valuable Tool?

While there are quite a few different types of abdominal belts available out there to sift and sort through mostly via the internet or infomercials in the wee hours, I personally am quite sold on one particular one called the Contour Core Sculpting System also known as the Contour Ab Belt.

One of the most important things that stood out to me about the Contour Ab Belt is that it is FDA approved. It has its stamp of approval for strengthening, tightening and toning healthy muscles. Right there the "is it a scam?" or "is it just another gimmick that steals your money without producing results?" questions begin to slowly dissolve. It is also has many endorsements by chiropractors. There are also over 900,000 satisfied and happy customers with the results they have been trying so hard to finally achieve.

So which ab belts work?

I am sure many skeptics are thinking, "oh right, just wrap a belt on my ab section while watching TV and watch them shrink and become defined!" Welcome to the technology behind this amazing and valuable tool, which is known as EMS, or electronic muscle stimulation technology. In layman's terms that basically just means that this stimulation causes the abdominal muscles to contract by stimulating the fiber of the muscles.

Contour Ab Belt

The Contour Ab Belt holds a portable device that generates electrical impulses while allowing the user to control what level of intensity is desired.

The gel pads are electrodes that basically just stick to the skin and connect to the controller while delivering electronic impulses to the ab muscles. It is very convenient and can pretty much be used anytime...anywhere.

Most people's testimonials seem to convey a similar message in that yes, this can be worn while doing most any ordinary activity-even while watching your favorite television program.

Sound too good to be true? Read on to see just one of many real-life reports from people that thought that very same thing, yet now have those highly sought after flat abs or better yet, six pack abs.

Personal Stories for Contour Ab Belt

This particular very positive review comes from someone I know personally who raves about the Contour Ab Belt and is even one of the few who was chosen to be on the TV commercials with her story and before and after pictures.

"I suffered a severe herniated disk...I was unable to walk for the first few days, and then had to use a walker for weeks afterwards...Using the Contour Ab belt... allowed me to be up and moving around in about a month, and in great shape by the time my wedding rolled around...I credit my Contour Abs for helping me create the strongest, flattest abs I have ever had... Becky, CA.

Only you can decide if this is a scam or truly an invaluable device that can help you finally get those abs you've always wanted, along with some exercising and a healthy diet of course. Plus it comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee.

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