A Classic Four Day Weight Lifting Workout Program

Do you need to hit the gym six days a week in order to get a muscular and cut physique? No. Such an expansive workout program is not necessary, Just a 4 day weight lifting routine.

And here is some additional news: A workout program of this nature is not recommended either.

When you train virtually everyday of the week, you undermine your body's ability to rest and recuperate. A four day a week workout strategy would be a much better plan.

This way you can hit the all the muscle of the body in an effective manner while giving the muscles enough time to properly recover and repair.

Muscle Grows when resting

Remember, muscle grows when it is at rest and not during the workout. That is why the three rest period is so helpful. It ensures you muscles get the maximum rest needed to see proper growth results.

Of course, some may wonder what would be a decent four day work out program. Here is one of the simplest to perform. The days it is to be performed are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Of course, you could change the days if you so desire but never workout more than two days in a row.

It is important that all four days include abdominal workouts and 15 minutes of cardio on a treadmill, exercise bike, etc. Why is this necessary? Basically, the abs will require more work and less rest to develop. This is because they contract virtually all throughout the day which makes them resistant to mild workout programs.

The cardio work adds to the ability to get cut since it burns up calories. Also, proper cardio work at the beginning of a weightlifting workout provides a decent warm-up which is needed to reduce injuries.

As for the actual weight lifting program, here is a very easy beginner mass building workout:

P.S. - All these Exercises can be found in the weight training exercise database.

Below is a great 4 day workout routine. Alternatively you can use a 3 day workout routine and perform workout one in the same week.


• Supine bench press
• Incline dumbbell bench press
• Chest flies
• Triceps push downs
• Overhead triceps extensions


• Biceps barbell curls
• Biceps dumbbell curls
• Biceps cable curls
• Row machine back reps
• Front shoulder presses
• Rear shoulder presses


• Barbell leg squats
• Leg extensions
• Thigh hack squats with barbell
• Bent leg deadlifts with very light weight


• Forearm curls
• Wrist curls
• Reverse wrist curls
• Lat pulldowns front
• Lat pulldown rear
• Calf raises

As you can see, this is a comprehensive program that hits all the muscle groups in the body. It is primarily a mass building workout which means you need to watch your diet and perform the aforementioned cardio work to boost the potential to become cut.

A definition workout generally won't work without a lot of dieting and cardio work. This is because you cannot appear cut if you are carrying a lot of body fat.

For those looking for a decent beginner four day workout program, this basic approach to working out will definitely yield positive changes in your physique.

3 Day Workout Routine with one workout repeated to workout 4 days a week.

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