3 days a week workout by harry

by Harry Mckoy
(Bowie Md USA)

1 chest and triceps

2 back, biceps and forearms
3.Shoulders and legs

Sample 3 Days Workout

When organizing or choosing a whole body workout routine, it is essential to use exercises that complement each other. Choose exercises that train all the major and minor muscle groups and concentrate on a different set of groups during each session which has the advantage of eliminating fatigue by not working the same muscles too hard.
The important thing to note when designing or adopting a training routine is to make sure that you have enough time to rest so that you are not overworking yourself. The three days a week work out described here can be used entirely as it is, or modified to suit your taste. But the essential point is that it involves exercises that train the whole body, while the other days are days of rest to ensure complete recuperation and muscle growth.
Choose 3 days that are evenly apart from each other and then commit to your training regularly on these days.

Day 1; Chest and Triceps exercises
There are many different kinds of chest exercises that you can involve in your training sessions. It is always best to learn several techniques that you can rotate from time to time to keep you interested. Some of the exercises you can add to your session may be Chest dips and Bench presses. For the triceps you can use the triceps dip and the lying triceps extension.

Day 2; Back, Biceps and forearms
For the back, you can perform different kinds of the rows. If you are using a barbell, the barbell row, if you are using the cable, you may choose the incline row or the kneeling row. The chin up is also a formidable exercise and can be done in different variations and is useful for building and toning the muscles of the back.
The Barbell or dumbbell curl can be used for training the biceps. You can also use the cable and perform the alternating curl that will serve the same purpose.
The barbell or dumbbell reverse curl is an excellent forearm exercise. You can also use dumbbell wrist curls in other sessions so as to avoid monotony.

Day 3; Shoulders and legs
For your shoulders, you can go for the shoulder press, the military press or do the behind the neck press.
Leg exercises that you can use in your training regime are lunges, squats and Leg extension exercises. You can also include the dead lifts and leg curl in other sessions.

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