Zone One Target Heart Rate | How to Determine Zone One Target Heart Rate

by Jimmy Smith

Target Heart Rate Training can be confusing for newbies. Here are simple ways to determine your Zone One to Five Target Heart Rate for Training.

One of the methods to do this is to use the Zoladz method which divides target heart rate into zones;

From zone 1 to zone 5...

Zone one being a lower target heart rate to achieve in exercises than zone 5 target heart rate (requires more intensive activity to achieve this rate). These can be calculated from the following method;

THR (Target Heart Rate) = HRmax (Maximum Heart Rate) – Adjuster ± 5 bpm (zoladz method, wikipedia 2011)

Where for the different zones the adjusters are;
Zone 1 Adjuster = 50 bpm
Zone 2 Adjuster = 40 bpm
Zone 3 Adjuster = 30 bpm
Zone 4 Adjuster = 20 bpm
Zone 5 Adjuster = 10 bpm

What is Target Heart Rate Training?

The heart rate can be defined as the number of heartbeats per unit time, and this is usually expressed as beats per minute or more commonly “bpm”.

Measuring the heart rate has several applications in medicine and in sports. It can also be used by individuals that wish to monitor their heart rate so that they can track their progress and take their hearts to the optimum point of activity.

The heart rates can be measured by using the pulse rates at the wrists, the neck, behind the knee and in many other parts where the heart’s pulse is transmitted. A more common way of getting this is by using machines or portable electrocardiographs that can be obtained in many sport shops.

In order to get the best heart rate at which a person in training is said to be benefiting his hearts and lungs to the maximum, a person has to measure find his maximum heart rate and use several methods to calculate the target heart rate(THR) from it.

Read more About Heart Rate Training Here and Determine your Target Heart Rates for weight loss and aerobic performance.

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