Your Exercise Tips Rock

i started to use some of the exercises listed above (1 from each muscle set) and i started seeing more definition and adding muscle in less than a week!

All you need is repetition and to drink plenty of water and not as much junk and you will be the way you want to look.

i am 15 i was around 200 pounds now im down to 165 and im very happy with the way i look now.

Top 3 exercise tips to burn fat

The importance of general exercise as one of the best factors in stimulating weight loss and in maintaining a healthy weight fairly understood these days. But many people haven’t been able yet to use this simple system effectively because of the lack of in-depth knowledge on how to maintain the system.

Therefore it is common to see people exercising regularly but do not achieve much when compared with the time and effort they are putting out. There are many things that you can do to make your exercise periods more effective to help you lose weight. The top three exercise tips to burn fat include;

1. Making your exercise periods challenging and intensive

Many people get into exercise sessions and leave it without feeling as if they ever exercised. This is not good for the body.

In order to see useful increases in weight loss, even if your exercise period is just a 15 minute period, try to take your body to an area where you haven’t been before.

Increase the intensity of the workout, no matter how small. It is this increased intensity that will force your body to burn the excess fat it contains.

2. Do exercises that involve all the major muscle groups

Total body workouts will engage the different areas of the body where fat is deposited and will be acting on those fat reserves directly. They will also help to increase the metabolic needs of the body that will in turn burn the excess fat.

3. Make cardio and important part of your workout routine

Despite the beneficial effects of strength training in creating a calorie deficit that will force the body to burn fat, total cardio is beneficial in many ways to help you burn fat faster when it is combined with strength training.

Cardio should be used for warm up as it sets the blood pumping faster through the body and it also causes oxygen to be transferred faster in the body.

This sets the body in the mood for training and also helps to remove the wastes of metabolism which also includes the wastes of the fat that has been burned.

Moreover you can also use cardio exercises as a means of ending your work out sessions as you can gently slow down your system using light cardio and stretching.

It must however be noted that for exercises to be effective as a method of weight loss, care must also be taken on the nutrition. A diet that is well controlled so as to maintain a constant deficit in calorie intake of small amounts will go a long way to make the exercise periods highly effective in burning excess fat in the body.

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