whey protien i recommend - gold standard whey protein

by Daniel Fletcher
(Cheyenne, Wy, US)

I have been taking gold standard whey protein for the past six months and is the most effective as well as decent tasting whey protein shake that i have tried. I definitely recommend it...


Facts about Gold Standard Whey Protein

Whey protein is an important supplement that is not only used to build muscle mass, but is also recommended in several situations for the maintenance of good health. It has also been recommended as an important aid in making optimizing weight loss programs because of its ability to suppress appetite and also reduce glucose intake. There are many different manufactures of whey proteins today having different protein compositions in their total content.

Gold standard whey protein is one of the top selling brands of whey proteins available today. It is the favorite source of protein among muscle builders and those that train with weights, but it is also under current research for its other health benefits.

There are many reasons why gold standard whey protein is considered the best buy in the market. Here are some of the cool facts about the brand:

--The gold standard whey protein has a high percentage of whey protein isolates in the final composition. Whey protein isolates are the purest form in which whey protein exists.

--Gold standard whey protein has one of the highest overall protein compositions. They usually have about 80% of proteins in each container, giving you good value for money, and this value represents one of the highest values presently in circulation.

--They have a very high percentage of hydrolyzed protein for easy absorption into the body and tissues. The reason people take whey proteins is to get proteins faster into the body and to the muscles where they are needed to build up muscle tissue. Hydrolyzed proteins are proteins that have been partially broken up into smaller molecules. These smaller molecules are easily digested and absorbed in the body.

--The digestive enzymes lactase and aminogen are added to gold standard whey proteins that help in the digestive process, increasing the bioavailability of the proteins into the blood stream and consequently into the tissues, making them to be faster acting than other whey protein brands.

--They are easy to use, and are optimized to mix effectively at room temperature to get a quick drink. They are also made to different flavors so that you can get the flavor you enjoy most.

--They also have a high percentage of the rarer forms of micro fractions proteins that are more difficult to isolate.

--They also have a high percentage of glutamine, glutamine precursors and other highly reactive and essential amino acids that are the building blocks of muscles.

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Jan 21, 2015
by: Catrin

Well this is one of the most commonly used protein enhancer. However, since some people have allergies I would recommend that you do all these only after consulting a doctor. Well this is going to be something much more than an issue if something goes wrong. Meaningful Use Attestation

Feb 05, 2010
Is whey harmful?
by: Prakash

Is whey protein bad for the kidneys and liver in the long run? I've been taking whey in moderation for around a year now. I don't want to face any health issues in the near or distant future. I know whey is just a by-product of milk, but I've read conflicting reports about whey. Too much of anything is harmful, but how much is too much?

Hi Prakash,

Whey may be harmful for people with pre-existing renal diseases. Whey Protein have been proven to be very safe and effective. Numerous reports have confirmed use of whey in prevention of cancers and of course in muscle building.

So unless you have a specific reason to believe you might be harmed {like very old gae, poor kidney function}, you should fair fine.

Hameed S

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