Weight Training Shoes - Reviews and buying tips

Looking for comfortable and perfect fit Weight Training Shoes? You got all the choices.

Tips on Buying Weight Training Shoes

  1. Make sure that the soles are thick and robust.
  2. Comfortable arch support is very important.
  3. Wear and make sure that your feet are comfortable and balanced on the ground.
  4. Weight lifting shoes should not have the cushioned feel of running shoes, but should have soles that are firm and doesn’t change form with extra weight. In this way the anatomy of your feet will not be affected when extra weight is added on you. Look for soles that are made of either neoprene, crepe or some other non compressible sturdy material.
  5. It is important to try the shoes to make sure that they provide enough traction on the floor, preventing you from slipping that may be dangerous if it occurs during a weight lifting session.
  6. Look for a shoe that has a low heel for extra support to the ankle and is especially suitable for exercises that require you to lift your heel off the ground.
  7. Look for shoes that properly support the ankle and feet. The best weight lifting shoes usually have straps that train from the just above the ankle to just before the toes, enabling you to lace to a correct fit from top to bottom.
  8. Make sure that you get a shoe of the right size. Getting the wrong size may not only be uncomfortable for use, but may also put pressures in areas that should not be pressured or if they are too large may make you prone to slipping.

Where to buy Weight Training Shoes

Not Online, as you cannot wear them to ensure your comfort. With the companies like Adidas and Nike in to the sports arena, its getting easier to buy Weight Training Shoes.

Summary: If you are just going to use weightlifting as a part of your total exercise routine, you might not need to get special footwear as you move easily from one exercise to the other and may find it a bit difficult to change footwear as you change routines.

However if you have days that are dedicated for weightlifting only or are doing weightlifting professionally you will want to buy shoes that work with you, giving you the best support so you can get the maximum benefit.

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