Weight Training | Strength Training for Runners & Athletes


Runners and Athletes can improve their performance by Specific Weight Training Programs designed for them. Myths and Facts of Strength Training in athletes explained and how to set up your plan.

Runners and Athletes of today are bigger, stronger and faster than ever before and smashing all records. A lot of this strength improvement is due to better training nutrition and Weight Training.

For any sports, a basic level of conditioned muscle development is essential if an athlete wants to perform at optimum levels. Runners and Athletes need to do some sort of Weight Training.

Gone are the days when sports coaches considered Weight Training to slow athletes down. Now world class sports coachesensure that some sort of weight training is a regular part of their players.

Amazing Benefits for Athletes Weight Training Provides

Many Runners believe that Weight Training increases muscle weight and even slows them down. But see the benefits below and I am sure you will incorporate some weight training in your regimen.

  • It prevents the injury so common in athletes e.g. Hamstring tears, tendon and ligaments tears.
  • It controls your body composition, so important in various athletic sports.
  • Improves weak areas and balance strength among various muscle groups.
  • Improves Joint stability and economy of running.

Weight Training Vs Weight Lifting

Weight Training refers to use of resistance equipment to build muscle size and strength. Weight Lifting refers to increasing limit strength to do a one rep max lift.

A Runner or Athlete wants to improve his/her overall performance and not absolute strength.

Specialized Training for Athletes

Muscle Fiber Make-up

There are basically 2 types of Muscle Fibers - Type I and Type II. Its the Type I Muscle fibers which gives endurance to athletes and Type II provides muscle mass.

So the Weight Training exercises you perform should be to increase endurance and not muscle mass.


Although an exclusive endurance sport, it does require you to have a good muscle quality and shape. If you combine your endurance training with some specific weight training exercises, you will be far ahead of those runners who do not weight train.

Best Runners' Exercises - Squats, One Legged Squats and Hamstring Exercises. Check the Exercise Database to see them in action.

Calf Exercises are crucial for running. Calf Raises, both standing and seated help build powerful and muscular legs. But also perform toe raises. Your aim is to counter balance opposing muscle groups. Strong calf muscles overpower shin muscles, weakening them and this may result in shin splints, stress fractures and Achilles Tendon problems.


Judges overall athletic and strength performance, perform whole body exercises like Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press and pull-ups. Check the Exercise Database to see them in action.


Forearm exercises, Shoulder exercises and Calves Exercises are a must. Check the Exercise Database to see them in action.

Creating a Personal Weight Training Plan.

Its best to divide your Weight Training into pre-season, in-season and post-season time periods.

Pre-season - The best time to build strength using Weight Training

In-season - Perform Weight Training just to maintain strength already acquired in pre-season.

Post-season - Give yourself and your body a light workout, not more than 2 times a week.


1. Plan a Weight Training workout and stick with it.

You can chose 3-day, 5-day or 2-day plan as per your convenience. But stay Consistent throughout.

2. Plan Weight Training in parts of the day when you are not training for your chosen sport.

3. A Proper diet and rest is more than essential when you begin Weight Training.

4. Training with free weights is much more beneficial than machine weights.

5. Always you are Weight Training and not Weight Lifting. Do not get offended by gym geeks who lift all the weight they can. You are performing conditioning training and not trying to do one-rep max.

6. Always chose a plan which hits the most specific parts involved in your sports. I have included these tips above.

Stay Patient and Persistent and I will see you at the top.

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