Weight Training Gloves - Lift more, lift safer without developing Calluses

Are Weight Training gloves necessary for results?

No. But Weight Training Gloves help you get a better grip, prevent callous formation in your hands and lift more weight than you would barehanded.

Along with weight training belts and shoes, weight training Gloves are common accessories used by weight trainers.

Do they help?

Gloves help you not only get a better grip they are proven to help you lift more {if used the right ones}.

Here's how.Comfortable grip will help you lift more as lose grips due to pain or sweating can drastically reduce your lifts.

Older Ways of training barehanded or using chalk are no more used in the gyms as nobody wants their palms to be hardened by those Iron rods.

Simple chalk still a great alternative

Many serious weight trainers like the Westside barbell clubbers recommend using chalk and not gloves. Even studies have shown that the proprioceptive signals from the skin of palms are reduced when once uses gloves for long time. I suggest you use them only in extremes of climate or if your palms get calluses easily or if you ant soft hands.

What can You use?

Anything spongy/leathery will work. Gloves made of spongy material are been increasingly used now-a-days in the gym.

Weight Training Gloves are different from Winter gloves or Motorcycle gloves.  They are more robust and more like the police or Safety Gloves.

One Ton Hooks

If you are serious about Weight Training then I highly suggest you use 1 Ton Hooks.

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