Weight Training Definitions / Glossary and Terminologies

Weight Training and Exercisedefinitions & terms can be confusing. Interval Training, Periodization, Gastrocnemius can all be so confusing. Check this extensive library to understand these terms better.

Weight Training and Exercise Glossary. { Check back often we are continuously adding newer terms }

  • Agonists - Also called synergists, these work together to produce movement.
  • Antagonists - These are the muscles that work in opposition to agonists during movement.
  • One Rep Max - Also called 1RM. It is the maximum amount of weight you can lift for one full-out repetition of any particular exercise.
  • The Pump - Muscle swell-up due to blood forced into the training area during high intensity exercises.
  • Weight Lifting - A sport judged by the amount of weight a competitor can lift for a repetition only. Its different from Weight Training or Bodybuilding.
  • Weight Training - Weight Training Exercises is the use of Resistance Equipment to help stimulate Muscle Growth, increase tone and strength. Its different from Weight Lifting or Power Lifting.
  • Strength Training - Same as Weight Training and is primarily intended to improve sports performance by specifically training in sports-specific ways.
  • Reps and Sets- A rep is one complete cycle of an exercise movement - a contraction of the muscle followed by an extension. And a Set is a group of such repetitions.
  • Prime Movers - These are the muscles primarily involved in the strength movement.
  • Progressive Resistance - Gradual increase in resistance { over weeks and months } following the principle of Muscle Overload.
  • Interval Training - is broadly defined as repetitions of high intensity work followed by periods of rest or low activity.
  • Periodization - is a kind of progressive training involving cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period of time.
  • Gastrocnemius - A Muscle of the Calf region.
  • Warming Up - Light weight exercise/body weight exercises to ready muscles before a serious intense weight training workout.
  • Compound Exercise - A Multi-joint Exercise that stimulates more than one major muscle group and many small stabilizing muscles.
  • Eccentric - The negative part of an exercise movement when the muscle lengthens/expands.
  • Concentric - The Positive part of an exercise movement when the muscle contracts.
  • Overtraining - A state of undue mental and or physical fatigue and can be brought on by either excessive training, insufficient rest or inadequate nutrition.
  • Sticking Point is the part of the range of motion {ROM} in which a weight is the hardest to lift. As in case of biceps curl, the top half is tough to lift than the lower half.
  • Success - Its individual. Discuss at our Blog.
  • Type I Fibers - Small sized Slow twitch fibers. Predominantly used for Endurance activities.
  • Type II Fibers - Largest Muscle fibers causing maximum Muscle growth. Weight Training predominantly involves these fibers.


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